How You Can Help Your Kids with Their Homework

Posted on Oct 15 2013 - 2:34pm by Charlie

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Homework is one of the most important elements to your children’s schooling experience. It teaches them how to work unaided, which will become an incredibly valuable skill as they move up through the education pyramid. Once at university, the youngest members of your family will be expected to listen to lectures, take notes, and write lengthy essays on the subject at hand. Though they could use specialist services like those provided by UKEssays, this technique will only get them so far.

With all this in mind, you’re probably wondering what you can do as a parent to help your children along, right? Well, luckily for you, I’ve been performing some research of my own, and have managed to uncover some really cool ways you can assist them. So, take a moment to read through the rest of this page and I’ll try my best to highlight some of the most useful.

Creating A Quiet Workspace

As we all know already, children respond best to difficult situations and tasks when they’ve established some sort of routine – this is where you come in. In most cases an office would be perfect, but not all of us have dedicated rooms like this in our properties, so setting up a desk in your child’s bedroom could be your best bet. Once the space is sorted out, you’ll need to draw up a schedule of the times when homework should be done.

You can get details about how long your child should be spending each evening on homework from their school. So, when you’ve spoken to their teachers and found out the recommended duration (usually only 1 to 2 hours), you need to set guidelines around when this should occur. After a long day at school, most kids could do with some food, so perhaps selecting the hours directly after dinner could be a good idea?

Provide The Right Tools And Supplies

Depending upon the subject they’re tackling, you may need to invest in some mathematical equipment like compasses and protractors, or even some coloured pencils and felt-tipped pens – just play this by ear as the homework is assigned.

Also, don’t be afraid to “cheat” a bit and go online for help. If school is for anything, it’s for preparing your kids for the real world, and in the real world, people use the internet to look things up all the time. It’s basically the modern library. Head to sites like where you can find experts on topics that your kids might be struggling on. It’ll teach them a valuable lesson not to be afraid to seek help when they need it too.

Be On Hand To Answer Questions

Though it is vitally important that you don’t complete the homework for them, explaining questions and being able to provide answers is essential. For this, you may need to brush up on your own skills, but in the end it will be worth it.

Give Them The Utmost Encouragement

We all know how difficult and stressful completing homework can be to a child, so it’s important that you provide as much encouragement as they need. Even offering incentives during particularly tough weeks could help them to feel like the work is worth their time and effort. Try explaining to them how the work they’re doing now will benefit them in the future.

So there you have it ladies and gents. I’m confident that if you follow the advice I’ve just given, your children will stand the best chance of success when working from home. Just remember that sometimes we all get a little stressed out with this sort of thing – so don’t push them too hard.

Good luck!

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