Important essentials you need to pack when going on holiday

Posted on Jun 9 2015 - 12:05pm by Charlie

As the summer settles in and we look forward to an even hotter year here in the UK, many of us will still be packing our bags, renewing our passports and lining up to board the boats and planes in order to whisk ourselves away to exotic countries afar. The sunny weather in the UK has been improving, although it is still fairly unpredictable so it is likely that we will still get many families holidaying abroad in hotels and holiday homes in order to get to more stable summer climes.

Most of us have a list of everything we need to take on a holiday, but more often than not we find ourselves forgetting a few things we didn’t realise we needed. Thanks to overseas property experts for this comprehensive list of the important essentials you’ll need to take with you on any summer holiday.

Reading Material
Or a puzzle book, colouring book or even revising material if you need essential holiday time to study for an upcoming test. While there should be plenty of things for you to do on holiday, you always want to bring a few things yourself, just in case you get bored at the hotel or on the flight, or if your budget runs out mid-way through!

Sun Protection
Sunscreen alone isn’t enough, you may need waterproof sun cream, face cream (you might want to try retinol and hyaluronic acid face cream), sunglasses, extra hats, and whatever you need to make sure you’re prepared for hot weather! Hats are essential, particularly if you’re going on a touring holiday, or if you’re looking at historical locations where you are spending hours in the sun. They provide vital protection for your head and also help to keep the sun out of your eyes.

Comfortable Clothes
This might sound like an obvious option, but often we get so caught up sorting out beach outfits that we forget about pyjamas, comfortable evening wear and good sturdy clothes for walking around in. You want to pack a strong pair of shoes that are designed to withstand a lot of battering, as although they might be hot they will be better than walking around in flimsy flip flops. Think of packing big, airy clothes that will cover you but not smother you with heat.

Essential for any beach holiday! Make sure to pack at least two different swimming costumes, just in case you feel the need to wash one. Wearing a single costume for up to two weeks can make it feel pretty nasty, particularly if you are swimming in the sea, so try to chop and change. Plus you might want to have one costume for the beach and another for the pool, just in case. If you need to purchase some new swimwear, you could always look online to try and find some vintage swimsuits. They would look great at the beach, so some people may want to purchase some.

Paracetamol, ibuprofen, senokot, dioralyte, the list of ‘just in case’ pills might sound a little excessive, but seriously, you will be grateful that you packed it if you ever come to need it. There is nothing worse than feeling ill while you’re on holiday and often we are not in a position to get assistance for small illnesses. While your Venice Beachfront Hotel or any other accomodation is likely to have the basic medications ready for emergencies, it couldn’t hurt carrying your own kit that is tailored to your specific needs.

It is also a good idea to pack antiseptic wipes, plasters and bandages where necessary just in case you or your family get any minor cuts or injuries. Make sure to buy bright, waterproof plasters so that you notice if they fall off in the pool and need to be re-treated.

Home Currency and Holiday Currency
Get enough money for the country you are visiting but also make sure to keep around 10- 20 in your purse, just in case. This is mainly for the airport and duty free, as all too often we can forget that we still need UK currency when waiting for the plane to depart.

Emergency Contact Details
Whether it is listed on your suitcase or on a little piece of paper in your purse, emergency contact details are a must. While many of us are fully functioning adults, accidents can happen and in these instances it is important to have a number or an email address of someone to contact. This is particularly important if you have any heart conditions or allergies, as not everybody carries an epi-pen on their person in such a situation.

A Place to Put it all!
A secure bag or rucksack is essential, although you might want to grab a smaller pouch for your money and important documents. Bum bags haven’t been cool for many years, but at least they keep your essentials close on your person.

Of course this list is subjective to where you go, what you plan to do and who you are going with. It is not likely that you will want beach towels if you are going on a skiing holiday but you will still need sun screen. It is important to use a bit of common sense when packing for your holidays, but always remember that money, clothes, your passport and protection from the sun are all things everybody needs on holiday. Get out there and have some fun!

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