Insider Tips From the eBay Pro’s For Mum’s Who Want To Start eBay’ing

Posted on Jul 21 2013 - 7:45pm by Charlie

Tired of your home looking more like a branch of Toys R Us than the stylish chic house you once imagined? Using Ebay as a way of streamlining the number of toys and clothes could leave you with a tidier home and some extra money in your pocket.
EBay is a simple and convenient way to sell your unwanted items. However there are a number of pitfalls to watch out for to ensure your items make the most money.


Choose the right category
It may sound simple, but making sure your items are listed in the correct category is the best way to get your items sold for the highest price. Take a look at similar products to find out where they are listed.

Write a good title
Be sure to use words people actually search for in your title – words like ‘fantastic’ and ‘amazing’ won’t attract any additional attention, but brand names do. If it is a toy from Fisher Price or a t-shirt from Next, be sure to mention it in the title. Take inspiration from the titles of similar items which have previously sold.

Write a strong description
Include as much information in your description as you possibly can. This will save you time answering questions and give the buyer all the information they need to make a purchase. Be honest, if the item is not in perfect condition be sure to mention it – a disappointed customer won’t buy from you again and may leave negative feedback.

Add a picture or two
As the saying goes, “a picture paints a thousand words”. Take a photograph against a blank background for maximum impact and allow the buyer to see exactly what they are getting. Have a look through this blog post for more information on how to take the very best photographs.

Check the postage
Some people make the mistake of not checking parcel delivery costs before they list their items. Incorrect postage could mean you end up losing money rather than making it. Although you may automatically think to use the Royal Mail, this may not be the most cost effective option. Check with for a cheaper alternative.

Wait for free listing weekends
If you want to keep more of the money from your items, try to list them on a free listing weekend. These usually happen every few weeks, especially around public holidays. This allows you to list up to 100 items without the listing fees.

Have your items end at popular times
Auctions ending Sunday afternoon or early evening are more likely to achieve the best prices. This is because more people are at home for the last few hours of the auction, and this is typically is when most of the bidding happens.

Spell Check your listing
You may have the best description on eBay, but if your title has a spelling mistake, no one will be able to search for it. Using a spell checker such as can make all the difference to a listing, not only will it be easier for buyers to read, but it will make the listing appear more professional.

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