Invisalign: Why it’s Better Than Traditional Metal Braces

Posted on Sep 11 2015 - 7:35am by Charlie

The days of traditional and unsightly metal braces are coming to an end thanks to a covert solution called Invisalign.


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Many a person has been plagued with obstacles to their self-esteem throughout their lives because their teeth aren’t as perfectly formed as they should be. We unfortunately live in a society where first impression judgments are made based on things such as how straight people’s teeth are. The alternative, using metal braces for treatment is not much better, and often means years of uncomfortable and unsightly metal protrusions in the mouth that are quite frankly, not much better than just leaving your teeth the way they are. Luckily for a lot of people, there is an alternative.

Invisalign, Sydney‘s new rage in dental healthcare, offers you treatment equivalent to traditional metal braces and plates without any of the noticeable contraptions that come with it. These are just a few of the reasons why this product is all the rage, and has been for the last ten years, to anyone seeking to straighten their teeth without sacrificing their looks and comfort.



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We know exactly what we’re getting from this product, so when I mention ‘transparency’, that’s not what I mean. I mean literal ‘transparency’. Invisalign, much like the name suggests, works to correct your teeth without being seen. Too many people have been teased in their childhood, or have been unconsciously discriminated against based on pre-conceived ideas of what it means to have braces, which is silly but sadly also out of our control. Having abnormally formed teeth is enough of a blow to your self-esteem, so if the only fix is to stuff unsightly metal in your mouth, then it’s not surprising that some people would rather just leave it. Invisalign offers you the corrective measures you need, without framing it for those around you. Those who have felt this worry about their teeth now have better ways to get them straight through Invisalign. Dentists offer this for their patients, such as the dentist Financial District San Francisco service – Gentry Dentistry. If you feel self-conscious then it may be the right thing to look into this with your local dentist.

A patient specific product

Invisalign works to give you custom corrective therapy which is unique and tailored specifically for your needs. There are many different types of correction that can be performed by this product, including but not limited to the excessive crowding of teeth, those that are too widely spaced in the mouth, noticeable overbites, under bites and cross bites, incorrectly rotated or protruding teeth and those that have erupted excessively from the gum line. Each different type of issue requires a specific fix, and each of those specific fixes needs to be tailored to your needs, which is where Invisalign excels.

Years in the industry

Invisalign has been around for the better part of a decade, and the conducting of successful business means that the company has been able to pump money into medical research, which is geared at bettering the effectiveness of the product, while the technology behind traditional metal braces has remained mostly stagnant, since it has widely been regarded as good enough. As a result of constant innovation, Invisalign is brilliant in terms of comfort and effectiveness. With this product you are less likely to suffer the almost unbearable discomfort that comes with wearing braces as they pull and twist at your teeth in an attempts to fix them.

The boost in the effectiveness of the product means that you won’t have to continue the treatment for the same extended amount of time that you would normally do with traditional braces. And anyone who has worn braces for years on end will understand just how significant a strong point this is.

We are lucky to be living in a time when the developments in medical technology available to the public are under constant development to ensure the hygiene, comfort, and beauty of the patient. I wager that as time goes, the use of wire braces to correct incorrectly formed teeth will give way, more and more, to technology just like Invisalign. In our society there is an ever growing need to make first impressions count, and thankfully we can rely on dental products that have our best interests at heart with this regard.

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