Is an Ebook Worth Investing In?

Posted on Apr 10 2014 - 5:51am by Charlie

First of all many ask, what is an eBook? Put simply, an eBook is an electronic version of the printed book or article that can be carried around on a compact, handheld device. Likewise, ebooks can be read online via the internet.

Ebooks are big business; it seems that everyone can access their favourite literature in electronic format by using the common platforms found in today’s modern world, as well as other sources to purchase and read eBooks similar to alkeyTAB or others you can find online. Aside from books, you can also download magazine and newspaper apps for your literary viewing pleasure. Old school traditionalists prefer their literature in the traditional paper format, but for those that enjoy reading on the go, and ebook is the perfect way to carry all of the books that you want to read.


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The big question that many ask, is an ebook worth investing in? Of course, this very much depends on how much of an avid reader you are but this guide should be able to help you with your bookish dilemma:

1. Ebooks are better for the environment

While the a book-lover may not be entirely interested in the environment, it is more environmentally friendly to invest in an ebook. The reason is obvious: as there are no physical paper pages, you are helping save the planet.

2. Ebooks are cost-effective

Books in their traditional paper format tend to be quite pricey. While the initial cost of an ebook may seem expensive, the overall savings can be seen almost immediately. Subscriptions to magazines tend to be cheaper overall too. the reason for this is that there are less overheads involved in producing an ebook, so the savings are passed on to the reader. What’s more, some books are available for free, which is the most cost-effective way of obtaining more books.

3. Ebooks are compact

The great thing about ebooks is that, unlike their paper counterparts, they are light, compact and more easily carried around, should you like to read on the go.

4. Ebook pages look like paper-book pages

Should you be a die-hard traditionalist of the paper text, the ‘pages’ of the ebook look like pages of a paper book. Bookmarking and annotation is also available, should you like to mark the pages of your text.

5. Ebooks outsell ‘real’ books

Online books are now out-selling ‘real’ books. Amazon reported that ebooks are rapidly outselling their paper counterparts and the growth of the online books is ever growing. The issue with rapidly growing technology is that the previous, older versions become obsolete. Remember cassettes? They were replaced with CD’s, which are now slowly being replaced with online music collections. The way people read is changing, and as such, the need for a new technology is ever apparent.

6. You can access an ebook instantly

Should you have been searching for a certain book for an inordinate amount of time, your search will soon be over. With an ebook, you can access any book you desire, with the click of a button.

Ebooks are, of course, personal choice. Should you want the entire contents of your bookcase in your bag, invest in an ebook.

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