Is Immigration Law a Good Career?

Posted on Apr 7 2021 - 3:09pm by Rena

Immigration within the United States could seem to be the foremost active political and national issue throughout the years. It has been the foundation of cultural growth and socioeconomic changes for the country, specifically in employment and education. Given the circumstances, it is without a doubt that immigration law cases have been one of the most critical cases in the scope of U.S. Law.

With that being said, lawyers who practice and are experienced in immigration law tend to possess many pending cases or cases within the queue that require urgency and attention. This then follows up with whether this practice could be a promising career or profession to start with – which cannot be answered in just a simple manner.

Immigration Law Practice: The Good Party

What makes practicing immigration law a promising career can vary in several categories, like the scope of immigration cases, experience, the number of clients, the annual salary, and the likes. Moreover, immigration law is a law that highly requires (and recommends) a legal representative and assistance. Since the law itself is under the federal government, it is enforced by national agencies under the Department of Homeland Security.

The Good Party: Number of Clients

This means as the number of immigrants, asylum seekers, visa applicants, and DACA recipients increases, practicing immigration law can be of great help and eliminates the thought that one may be dormant in receiving cases. The probability of being stagnant in cases handled would be below the immigration statistics in the United States.

Immigration rate in 2020, in line with the country’s Current Population Survey last year, garnered 26% of the overall U.S. population – in precise numbers, it was estimated to be 85.7 million immigrants (inclusion of their children). This proves that immigration attorneys are least likely to be on the lighter weight of the employment scale.

The Good Party: Salary

Another factor that makes the practice of immigration law a promising career is the amount of their service; given that becoming one is not a straightforward job and requires a license, skill, and commitment all in one plate. The average immigration lawyer makes approximately $70,000 per year and often ranges between $43,000 to $117,000, depending on the experience and the attorney’s level of expertise (according to Zippia).

However, an immigration lawyer’s capability is not limited to these numbers. They can extend the range reckoning on what city the legal representative practices. High-paying cities like New York, California, Texas, and Boston may often have a fee of as advanced as $60,000 per annum at entry-level. This proves that a bachelor’s degree and extension of years in law school can be well worth the wait. Of course, with a salary as high as this, it’s important to learn about disability insurance for lawyers to ensure that income is protected should anything happen.


Despite various good sides of its practice, there will always be a contradicting factor– such as time constriction, stress, and continuous process of labor. However, suppose the intention is evident and apparent as to why you want to provide quality service for the distressed and in need. In that case, it will be plenty easier to beat and fulfilling to accomplish. For more information, ask an immigration lawyer in Houston or anywhere near you.