Killing Boredom on a Budget

Posted on Jan 16 2017 - 6:00pm by Charlie

Now when technology provides you with everything at your fingertips, it is rather difficult to get bored like we once used to. There is no longer the excuse of not being able to find anything to do because there is always so much around. There is something for everyone! E-books for the readers, platforms like Arkadium for the online game lovers, social media channels for the socially inclined, and tv shows and movies galore for everyone! If you are on a tight budget and can’t (or don’t want to) go out to enjoy yourself, here are some ideas to save you from boredom on a budget:


  1. Watch something-

There’s Netflix and YouTube, among hundreds of other sites that offer video entertainment. Watch a series on the internet and you will probably get hooked. The dangers of binge-watching do lurk when you start an amazing show but it’s better than sitting in your room and sulking. If you want, you can also kill some time by watching some pornography, if you’re in the mood. There are many websites available online (Sex Movr, for example) with different types of video categories to choose from.

  1. Read a book-

Okay, if you can shell out enough money, go buy yourself a book from a local bookstore. If you are really in a crunch though, you can read any one of the millions of books available online. There are a lot of classics and other public domain books you can find on sites like Project Gutenberg. Download an e-book and get reading.

  1. Make something-

Whether you like cooking, baking, painting, carpentry, or vehicle modifications, you can find all the inspiration you will ever need on the internet. Perfect your hobby and have fun as you do it.

  1. Play-

There are a number of games available online that you can play and you wouldn’t even know how quickly the boredom disappears. You can try your luck in a game of bingo and play at BingoMagix or play an arcade or RPG game if you like.

What are your favourite boredom destroyers? Do mention them in the comments below.

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