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Posted on Nov 11 2013 - 8:57pm by Charlie

Looking to get some money at home ? if so, check out these top tips on how to increase your income!


Having more of your own children may not pay, but caring for other people’s children pays quite well. Families where both parents work need a loving, safe, and homelike environment for their children while they are not at home. These parents are willing to pay a pretty penny to keep their children out of daycare. They want someone to love their children as their own. If you can do this, then word of mouth will spread like wild fire, and you will know how to make money from home.

Believe in Your Skills 

Believing in yourself, and your skills, is the beginning of a new life. If you have an interest, or talent, then you can make money. You must not allow your own modesty to steer you away from this great money making opportunity. What opportunity, you ask? Teaching! You do not need a degree to be a teacher. You just need a skill. Can you scrapbook? Do you play an instrument? Are you good at cooking? There are tons of people who are willing to pay to learn these skills. If you are confident, then you can use word of mouth or classifieds to find people who will pay you to teach them your skill.

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Sell spare unused stuff

Everyone has stuff they don’t use at home, like that TV in the spare room, the big stack of CDs & DVDs gathering dust on the shelf, the clothes you meant to put in a charity bag but never got round to doing so. Why not sell it and get some extra cash for your unwanted stuff?

Pets Need Love Too 

You probably wouldn’t believe how many people would pay to have someone care for their pets. Some people treat their pets like family, and hate the thought of them being alone or in a kennel. They will pay quite a bit to have someone watch their pets. They just don’t know how to find you. Get the word out, and find them and this could be a secure source of income.

Computers as a Gateway to Income 

Working online is not a myth. There are thousands of stay at home moms who are able to use their computer to earn money. No matter your interests, you can find online work, which will keep money in your pocket. Many moms write, do data entry, perform micro tasks, act as virtual assistants, become bloggers and do many more things to earn money with their computers. As long as you research what moms who already work from home say, you can make money while avoiding scams.

Throw a Party 

Home parties are a great way to make some extra cash. This is the perfect opportunity for the social butterfly, who has lots of friends. You simply find a great product to promote. It should be a product you stand behind. Companies will provide you with supplies so you can throw a party to sell their products. If it is products you really like, your friends and family will be happy to purchase them.

Make Things People Love to Buy 

You can earn a good amount of money by selling things you have made. You would be shocked at the demand for home made items, such as clothing, candles, blankets and more. If you know how to make something, there is someone out there who wants to buy it from you. People are sick of commercial replicas, and love to buy handmade items. If you can make them, the buyers will come.

Take advantage of your Education 

Moms with degrees and certificates are in demand. Directory services need your expertise and education. There are many industries demanding experts, and willing to pay. For example, landing a gig as an expert witness can pay you between £100 and £200 just for going to court and sharing your expert opinion.

Newspapers Still Need to be Delivered 

If you are an early riser, and love to drive, then a newspaper route might be for you. It is a great way to make extra cash while doing something to help your family. You become your own boss and get to work at the most peaceful time of day, early morning.

Focus Groups Need Moms 

Focus groups can be found online. You simply add your name to a list, and wait for them to ask for your opinion. This work is not steady. Instead, it is higher paying. There is a small time investment which requires you to answer some questions, and when finished they will pay you £50-£100 for your assistance.

Convert your Brick and Mortar Job to a Work at Home Job 

If you know your stuff, are dedicated, and can find a way to do your real job from home, you can be a stay at home mom like you want. You have to prospect your boss and show him/her why it would benefit them for you to work from home. If you can show them you can save them money, office space or improve productivity, they might be happy to let you telecommute.

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