How To Make The Transition From Mom to Grandma

Posted on Dec 13 2016 - 8:32am by Charlie

Becoming a mother is one of the most beautiful experiences that can happen to a woman.  There is a sense of empowerment and an overwhelming satisfaction that comes from knowing that you hold the life of a little creature in your hands that loves you unconditionally.


Becoming a grandmother isn’t always as easy.  You may not see yourself as “old” enough to be a grandma yet. “But wait! I just became a mom… right??” you might ask yourself.  Be kind to yourself.  Being a grandma doesn’t mean you have to start putting all your funds in a retirement account or an annuity, buy a knitting kit, and dye your hair purple.  There are plenty of cool grandmas out there! Here are some tips for making the transition.

Stop Making It Mean You’re Old

Technically, you could become a grandma as young as your mid 30’s depending on how young you had your first child.  Not all grandmas are old!  Being old is a state of mind, not a number, so as long as you’re still rocking out to the music you like nice and loud and have a fabulous attitude about life, then it’s not the time to start putting your dentures in yet.

Remember that everything you tell yourself becomes an affirmation.  If you are continuously telling yourself “I’m old!” then chances are it’s going to happen! The human mind is a powerful thing.  Instead, tell yourself reassuring things such as “I am an awesome grandma, and this is going to be a blast.”  Those words are much more empowering.

Enjoy Having a New Baby Without Having To Do All The Work

Ding ding ding! This is the best secret about being a grandparent.  You get to enjoy all the wonderful parts of a new beautiful bundle of joy without having to wake up every 90 minutes, go without showering for 4 days, and making Starbucks shareholders millionaires with all the coffee you consume.

Grandmas get to show up, take some photos, help with some of the diaper and cuddle duties, and leave! It’s the best job ever! Plus as your grandchildren get older, they’ll get really excited whenever you come over because you don’t ever have to be the bad guy! It’s all fun and games with grandma.

Don’t Worry About Discipline

Leave the discipline to your grandchild’s mom and dad.  Having to discipline your cute little grandkids is no fun.  Enjoy being the good guy.  Obviously, if something serious happens and their mom and dad aren’t around you may have to give a few time outs here and there, but for the most part you can just sit back, relax and let mom and dad step in when the waterworks start.

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