So you may think your failing at parenting…

Posted on Apr 26 2016 - 6:13pm by Charlie

But your probably not

Most days I wake up and think oh god I’m such a rubbish parent because I let me child stay up a bit later the night before or let them get away with not eating all their vegetables to avoid a tantrum. However what I’ve realised in a light bulb type moment is that actually no I’m not a rubbish parent and I’m not failing at parenting I’m just doing my best like millions of others out there.


In the age of parent bloggers (yes like me), Pinterest and Instagram you can feel that you’re not good enough as people share their perfectly curated lives with their perfect families on these sites. In actual fact many are well less from perfect. For example on a day out I could get maybe 4 or 5 photos of my little one looking angelic which would look great shared on social media or this blog. However there will be about 50 tantrum filled photo’s as well, which I wouldn’t share. It’s all about what picture you paint and to be honest, myself included we only share what looks good to others.

Recently My Voucher Codes conducted a survey looking at our children’s childhoods comparing them to that their parents had. They found that 46% of parents wish they could offer their children the same upbringing they had. I think sometimes when I was younger it was a much simpler time, we didn’t have things like mobile phones and social media, the internet was a slow dial up with surprisingly very little on it. They also found that 32% of parents said they feel that their children have too much of a reliance on technology. Which I can actually relate to, but also the results that showed that 59% of parents think technology gives children more opportunities and has a positive effect. I think technology can be a great learning aid, it’s still good though not to rely completely on it.

My time as a child was spent outside playing with friends or inside with my toys. I spent very little time watching TV as cartoons were not on 24hrs a day like now. And because we didn’t have tablet devices I didn’t spend my time hunched over them, instead I could be found hunched over a book. Looking at it, a lot of things are different now compared to when I was young, do I think I will be any better parenting if it was still like that, who knows, but I like to think I make the most out of what we have available now and do a good job.

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