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Posted on Nov 5 2013 - 4:58pm by Charlie

As a parent and a blogger, I found it very challenging to juggle work, kids, and having to update my blog daily. When I wake up in the morning, I have to take care of my kids, prepare them for school and take care of a few chores before I get to work. Blogging is demanding because it requires to be updated regularly with fresh and high-quality content so as to keep the readers glued and loyal to my blog.

It does not just need any type of article but one that is laden with information and is also interesting to visitors to my blog. In short, the posts have to be very well thought out and very well researched. At the start, I found it quite a challenge to keep on posting my works and also meet the demands of my family. However, I soon developed my daily blogging routine and this has helped me cope with my family demands and also keep in touch. Moreover, in recent times, there are several other bloggers like me who have a passion for writing their hearts out. I have heard of many such bloggers who have a good command of the language and can easily wing it. Some of my friends also recommended taking a look at the posts by a blogger called Dora West ( I have been told that she covers all most all topics on lifestyle. To be honest, I am happy that there are more people now who are opting for this option. I mean I love blogging and I would encourage people to give it a thought.

My job as a blogger

Although I’ve been blogging for some years now, back then it was not exactly known as blogging. Back then, the trending words were owning a website. In fact, at the time I was creating my first website, I didn’t have the slightest clue that I was getting into blogging. But you may wonder just what this blogging thing is all about. As a blogger, I have to wear the many hats of a writer, web designer, marketing expert, editor-in-chief, graphics designer, PR officer, SEO expert, advertising manager, social media pro, affiliate marketer and finally, the crucial role of a self-motivator.

You imagine then that with these many titles, (not forgetting my parenting role)I really had to come up with an effective routine that would ensure that I met my daily set goals. In order to succeed, I set out a regular schedule that I needed to stick to no matter what happened. I have outlined it below.

woman on laptop

Finding the right PC

I’ve got a desktop PC which I’ve had for about 4 years, but is slow to boot up and struggles with pretty much everything now, so recently we decided to get a new laptop so we can blog on the go too. After first considering chromebooks, I read a few Acer laptop reviews and decided to go for an Acer Aspire laptop which has been ideal especially whilst I’ve been on holiday and wanted to update my sites, while keeping my family posted with pictures on facebook of how the holiday was going.
1). I set aside time when I write everyday

Blogging is about writing quality content and sharing it with readers. As an expert will tell you, quantity matters here. The problem is that writing really needs time and attention. So how did I go about it? Simple. I just set aside the time of the day during which I must write. For my case, it is 7 am. This being the case, I wake up much earlier (5.30 am) so that I have enough time for a jog with my dog, mediate, shower, have breakfast and read a few mails.

2). I plan my blog subjects one week in advance

I always make sure that I have planned what I will be writing about in the week ahead. Basically, I post five blog entries in one week. This means that I have to decide on the five topics that I will be writing about. I usually do this over the weekend just before the week begins. Having to think about an interesting topic can take a lot of time so I make sure that I have it all laid out.

3). I set time for research

One of the best things about blogs is that they give you a forum to express everything you know about your favorite subject. Therefore, whatever you write, it has to be completely from the perspective of an expert. Identifying the subject of discourse is therefore not enough. But being the busy parent that you are, you could be wondering where to get this time for research. What I do is to become creative. I make best use of any spare time that I get at work or even when commuting. At lunch time, I steal a few minutes do a bit of research. I can also do this on the train as commute to and from work. A s always, I never forget to carry my pen and a paper just in case i need to scribble something down.

4). I engage with my readers to know their reactions

Being a blogger, I write primarily for my readers. Therefore, they are the most important people to me. This is why my job is never done before I engage with them and know what they feel about my post and whether they found it useful. It is important that I check my email, respond to comments from my readers as this enables me to be of any help to them. However, this is a task I can accomplish just once a week.


Blogging is fun. Through it, I can share my expressions and thoughts about anything I want. But with kids to attend to, a family to look after and lots of other family related issues, a parent may find juggling this will blogging too much for them. Not so if you have a master plan.

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