My Favourite Ideas to Celebrate an Anniversary

Posted on May 18 2015 - 4:41am by Charlie

Anniversaries should be considered special. They get forgotten and postponed often thanks to the hectic lives many of us lead, but they should be prioritised and made time for – a bit like birthdays and Christmas! You should celebrate your love all year round, of course, but this is an excuse to bond and have an extra special time together. Here are some of my favourite ideas to celebrate an anniversary:

A Special Night in/Out

Arrange a special night in or out and get some quality time together. If you’re staying in, you could make a nice meal or order one in, whichever you prefer. Wear something cosy or something sexy, again, depending on the kind of night you want to have! You’ll save some cash by staying in and you can still have a great time if you buy a nice bottle of wine and make some good food. Going out can be a lot of fun, especially if you decide to recreate the night you first met.

Give Thoughtful Gifts

Gift giving is tradition, but it isn’t essential. That being said, you don’t need to spend much money to give a thoughtful gift on your anniversary. If you can’t think of anything to buy for your partner, then treat them to something you’ve made yourself. There are so many ideas online! You could make them a pretty jar full of love notes, or even make them a piece of jewellery if this is a special anniversary. Want something really unique? You could buy a star. You have an endless amount of options to show your partner how much they mean to you!


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Go for a Hike

If you’re a couple who likes to stay active and healthy, then why not go for an anniversary hike? It could be the perfect way to spend your anniversary! Find a route online or buy a book. Make sure you’re well equipped and away you go. You could even climb a mountain if you really want to commemorate this special day.

Have a Picnic

You could take a picnic with you on your hike or simply head to a gorgeous park and set one up. I don’t want to worry you; but setting the perfect picnic up does take a little planning and work. Make sure you do your research before trying to put your picnic together.

Recreate an Earlier Photograph

I absolutely love this idea. Take one of your favourite old photographs and recreate it. You could include something in the picture to indicate what you did for this anniversary, if you like. Wear similar clothes, but make sure the photo shows how much you’ve both changed in the years since you’ve been married. People are doing this for different reasons all over the globe with cute and hilarious results!

I hope you love these ideas and have the most incredible anniversary with your other half. Don’t hesitate to leave a comment and let me know what you did!

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