My Must-Have Baby Accessories I Couldn’t Do Without

Posted on Jul 21 2015 - 4:37am by Charlie

When you have a baby, there are plenty of times when you might get in a bit of a panic. It’s often because you don’t have that all-important accessory you really need. It’s easy to do when you’re in a rush too. There is always something missing out of the changing bag or pram! But there are a few absolute essentials I just couldn’t cope without. They’re definitely the things I check for first!

A packet of baby wipes is the first thing I make sure I have. I’ll have some stashed in the change bag, some in my handbag, and there’s even a little compartment in the pushchair to house one. They are perfect for almost all occasions. You can use them for nappy changes, productive burping, nose wiping, finger cleaning, and even wiping down the table. They’re handy for the bigger kids too when we’re out and about!

I also keep a baby bottle of boiled water in the bag. If I can’t feed at that precise moment the baby wants it, a bottle of water can usually keep us both calm until I’m ready. It’s perfect on a hot day too, and can be warmed a little if needed. The bottle I use has handles either side, so even a young baby can practice grabbing at it. It’s a great trainer cup, even with a teat.

My pushchair rain cover is the most essential pram accessory I have. You can see a full range of them online where you’re bound to find one to fit your make and model. The number of times I’ve been caught out in a shower is zero thanks to this simple invention. It folds up to almost nothing, so it’s never in the way. Then I can attach it in seconds to keep the baby, and all my shopping, dry.

The humble burp cloth has saved my clothing more times than I can count. They may look tatty, and even smell quite terrible by the end of the day, but they save a lot of messes. They are great for when the baby is having one of those days when everything comes straight back out again. A burp cloth can keep all our clothes and the pram clean. They boil-wash beautifully, ready for another day.

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I have an assortment of interesting baby toys, but there is one that I’ve seen that works marvellously as a distraction. If your little one is having a good cry, try a toy that has moving and flashing coloured lights inside. They are chewable and even make a little sound when the baby shakes it. Everything stops the second she sees it. Most children have one or two toys that they love like that. Be sure to pack it next time you’re heading out!

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Babies may come with a lot of baggage. But I’d rather pack for literally every event than find myself flapping about and not being able to manage. Spare nappies and nappy sacks, as well as baby’s milk are always in the bag. But it’s those little extras that help me cope when everything starts to go wrong. What’s in your ‘lifesaver’ bag?

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