The New Mum’s Guide to Staying Fashionable

Posted on May 17 2016 - 8:35pm by Charlie

There’s no doubt about it, having children forces us parents to take a whole new perspective on what our priorities are and looking after a growing child definitely sits right at the top of the pile. In between all the running around trying to make sure your little ones don’t kill themselves as well as working to put food on the table (if you’re a career woman as well), one of the areas of a new mum’s life which tends to take a back seat is their view on fashion. Well perhaps the views themselves don’t change, but the new mum’s keenness on anything fashion-related tends to wane a bit, understandably so too.image

If you’re at the very least just thinking about it though, it’s a good indication that you still have your fashion sense, regardless of the fact that you now have different priorities and you’re perhaps dealing with the physical changes to your body, which are a natural part of having a child. The new-mum’s guide to staying fashionable is a relatively simple one, but only if you commit to the natural transition that comes with dressing up as a mum; a fashionable mum at that.

Bide Your Time

Look it’s just a reality that you’ll probably not wear the same clothing sizes during the different phases leading up to giving birth and after your child is born. It can take a bit of a while to return to your original pre-mommy weight, if indeed you’re ever going to get back to those days. Don’t be in too much of a rush to get up to speed with all the current fashion trends too soon after you’ve had your child, but rather give your body some much needed time to re-adjust and establish what will be a more consistent body shape and weight. If you’re out and about with your children in tow though, you can get away with some otherwise questionable mommy-fashion, so take your time.

Comfort & Confidence

Sexiness is nothing but confidence in the way you’re dressed and that’s something you’ll particularly see in fashion trendsetters instead of trend followers. New mums tend to want to overdo things a bit and may quite easily appear to be “overcompensating” a bit. Okay, I’m not talking something like an oversized sweatshirt hanging very loosely over porridge-stained sweatpants, but if you dress comfortably, the confidence will follow naturally. It’s all about how YOU rock it! High heels count as overdoing it, for instance, because we all know about the pre-, during-, and post-pregnancy foot-swelling which will only get aggravated by high heels. If you must go a little high on the heels, a nice set of gently-heeled boots will do, plus they go extremely well with just about any outfit.

The Timeless Look

Perhaps the best piece of fashion advice a new mum could ever follow is going for the timeless look. Jeans never go out of fashion, for instance, in the same way that slightly loose-fitting evening or summer dresses remain in style for as long as fashion trends keep recycling themselves.

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