Pavlov”s Bell or Alarm Bells, Good and Bad foods to give your dog

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Whether you’re a seasoned dog owner or you’ve just taken the plunge and gotten a puppy, it is important for you to know all about the different foods dogs can eat and foods that they should avoid. Dogs are not fussy creatures and will often put most things in their mouths if given the chance, so in some ways, it is up to us to decide and prevent them from eating anything that is incredibly dangerous or harmful to them.

Unfortunately, due to the amount of ingredients we put into our everyday meals, including preservatives, food colourings and other such issues, it can be difficult to figure out just what is harmful and what is fine for your dog to eat. Even when it comes to more natural products, you might not be sure whether dogs eating bananas would be healthy or not. Or even vegetables for that matter. However, we’ve put together a short list of plain foods that are great for your dog and similar treats that are more likely to do your dog harm than good.

Yes – Chicken

Chicken is high in protein and very good for your dog when cooked. However this does not translate to ‘give your dog KFC’. Plain chicken breast, grilled not fried without the skin makes a great replacement meal for your dog when you are running low on foot. Make sure to de-bone the chicken before giving it to your pooch otherwise you may have some issues as we explain below.

No – Cooked Bones

Give a dog a bone? Yes, but make sure it is raw. Giving dogs cooked bones to chew on can be incredibly dangerous as the bones are more brittle than raw bones. Chewing on them with his strong teeth can make them snap and splinter leading to mouth and tongue injuries, injuries to the throat, broken teeth and more. They can also get stuck in your dog’s windpipe or stuck in their digestion tract, so this is a big fat no for letting your dog chew on cooked bones.

Yes – Oatmeal

A very good source of fibre for both humans and dogs, Oatmeal is great for dogs who have a little trouble with ‘regularity’. Oatmeal is also perfectly safe for dogs with wheat allergies, but make sure you cook them before giving them to your dog and use unsweetened oatmeal.

No – Grapes and/or Raisins

This unassuming fruit is in fact very toxic to dogs. Even ingesting a small amount can cause a wide array of health issues. Grapes contain a toxin that causes severe liver damage and even kidney failure in dogs and many dogs have been known to die from eating just a handful of grapes. Avoid at all costs.

Yes – Pumpkin

Pumpkin is another type of food that gets the digestive tract flowing. Great for sick dogs, it is a good source of fibre and vitamin A. Pumpkin can be eaten raw, from the can or even cooked as you like it. Broccoli, Carrots and Apples are also good examples of fruits and vegetables that are safe for dogs, however make sure you core and seed the apples before giving them to your dog.

No – Peaches and Plums

The main issues with these fruits are the pits as they can cause intestinal obstruction and inflammation of the small intestine. It can also obstruct the windpipe if swallowed. You might think that it is a simple fact that you don’t eat the pit of a peach or a plum, but dogs aren’t that analytical.

Of course at the end of the day it is important to remember that dogs of different breeds and different sizes will be affected in different ways, for example larger breeds may have a slightly higher tolerance to dangerous foods than smaller breeds, but it is better not to tempt fate. There are plenty of good foods out there for your dog to chew, crunch and munch on, so why risk it by giving them foods that could potentially lead to a slow and painful death? Love your dogs, give them good healthy food with a few treats every now and then and be happy!

Article provided by, a family veterinary practice based in London for over 30 years.

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