Positive thinking for children

Posted on Apr 25 2013 - 1:04am by Rena

Positive thinking for childrenGrowing up can be very difficult. Children often compare themselves to their friends and other children their age. They can often go through phases of self-doubt. If children develop a habit of thinking negatively, it can have a very bad effect on their futures. Parents play a huge role in helping their children become self-confident and positive individuals. If you teach them about the importance of positive thinking, you can help shape their outlook on life in general.


Parents need to be role models for their children. They might be small, but they see how you react to different situations in your life. If you always react negatively to stressful situations or disappointments, then your kids will think that this behavior is acceptable.  If you are positive in almost any situation, then your children can get the idea of what positive thinking is. For example, if you end burn supper, show them how excited you are about ordering a pizza instead.


Encourage positive thinking in your children. Have them express gratitude on a regular basis. This will help minimize negative perspectives on events that may occur in their lives in the future. It is a good idea to set time aside each week for the whole family to express gratitude. Every member of the family can talk about what they are grateful for each week.

Positive Words

The words that you choose to use with your children can have a massive impact on how they think. Compliment your children on a regular basis and talk about their wonderful qualities. Encourage your kids to use positive words as well. Stop them when they say that they can’t do something and let them know that they can. It is also important not to use degrading words when you correct the behavior of your child.


Parents can end up stuck in work or household chores and forget to sit and listen to their children. Taking the time to listen to your children will have a huge impact on how important they feel. You will also get a better understanding of how they are thinking and what they are thinking, if you listen to them. Talk about negative thoughts they are having and help them to see things in a positive light instead.


There are many fun activities that you can with your children to help develop positive thinking them. A great activity is to have your children create “me” commercials, where they can videotape commercials of themselves where they pretend they are selling themselves for job openings. This helps them to think and talk about their positive qualities.


Positive thinking can give children the confidence to get past negative or difficult situations and get good grades in high school and any further education facility that they may attend one day. It can also help them to strive for their career goals. Positive thinking can also help them to attract good friends and be more comfortable socially. Positive thinking can even help your children avoid stress-related health issues.





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