Quick steps to selling a home after a marriage breakdown.

Posted on Oct 13 2016 - 7:36pm by Charlie

Not all marriages have fairy tale endings; unfortunately, the reality today is that 3 in 10 marriages will break down within the first 7 years. Most couples rush in marry, have children and buy homes without even really asking the question do I want to actually spend the rest of my life with this person? There are also events that happen which force a marriage to break most commonly infidelity.


It can be an extremely stressful time going through a marital breakdown, more so when there are children to care for. Obviously one of the couple will have to move out of the family home. This is usually the man as the woman will likely remain in the family home with the children. Financial concerns usually push for the home to be sold so that both parties can start again. Selling a house fast in this situation may mean having to take lower than the amount expected for your home. It depends on how quick the property needs to be sold. No body going through a marital breakdown wants to prolong the sale of their once shared family home. While also the need for finance will be at high importance.

There are a few options to consider when selling your house fast. Some of them are mentioned here. 1. During the process, what home sellers should know is that seeking a good realtor partner can put their home on the market and hopefully help obtain a sale quite quickly and for a handsome amount. 2. Contact a quick sale company and get cash a little below valuation within weeks of agreement. 3. Put your house on the market yourself through social media, local newspapers, or advertising sites. 4. Carry out internal decoration to get the property up to rental standard. This may mean refurbishing your bathrooms, bedrooms and kitchen. You could always consider just replacing old kitchen worktops with new corian worktops if you don’t have the budget for a full refurbishment.

There are other options to consider in situation such as this. 1. Buy out your partner if possible this will mean getting a current valuation of the home and giving half of what it is worth to the other person. 2. If the break is an amicable one draw up an agreement in which you can pay in instalments to the other person monthly payments (this may be a long route option but worth a thought as the other person will be gaining financial income and you will still get to stay within the home) 3. Not very often done but both continue to go on living within the home but not be married anymore!

In this day and age marriage breakups are becoming more and more common. People are now going into marriage with the thought if it doesn’t work there is always divorce. Buying a house together can be a wonderful committing time but one must try and think ahead of possible things that can go wrong, it’s a negative way to start a marriage but today it is a sensible way. Co owning a home from someone you are now divorcing can be one of the most stressful times in your life.

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