Romantic Night in the hot tub

Posted on Jul 10 2017 - 10:55am by Charlie

Hot tubs are great for socialising with not only your family but also your friends. Even if it’s just you relaxing on your own, the hot tub gives you plenty of options when it comes to passing time. One of the opportunities it does give you is the setting for romance. A night in the hot tub under the stars is definitely one to tick off the bucket list but if you’re stuck for ideas on how to make it more special or on how to amp up the romance then we have a few ideas we’ll let you steal for that perfect night in with your significant other.

If you’re looking for romantic weekend breaks with a hot tub, the next thing you’re going to have to plan is how you’re going to make your night extra special. Luckily, I’ve got some top tips for making it the best night of your life.

Picking a night that is clear (this generally means it’ll be colder in the UK perfect for a cuddle) will allow you to sit beneath the glittering stars which is a romantic setting itself. If it is a cloudy night and there’s a chance of rain then it may be worth you investing in a small gazebo to cover your hot tub because even sitting in warm water in the rain can be a romantic setting. Make the most of your hot tub whatever the weather.

Using your hot tub to create an aroma can be harmful to your hot tub equipment if you do it wrong. Some oil scents and fragrances can cause scum in the water and can clog the jets. All is not lost though as you actually can buy specially formulated scents to add to your tub that won’t actually harm it but will add to the atmosphere you are trying to create, a little goes a long way and so we suggest the AromaScents Sensual Blend or Rose scents to add to your tub on your romantic night in.

Lighting is key when trying to set the mood, too bright and it you won’t feel like relaxing, too dim and it’ll feel more creepy than romantic, especially if you hear anything rustling the garden. Candles can be dangerous and I really wouldn’t suggest any floating candles but if you have any small tables or room around the hot tub, you can always place a few tea lights or even a couple of tower candles to really bring some light outside and set the tone a little bit more. If your hot tub has multicoloured LEDs then even setting these to a pink or red can make your romantic night feel a little more fun.

Although you should be careful when having food and drink in the hot tub, you can still prepare a few things before hand for whilst you’re in there. Strawberries dipped in chocolate is a favourite of many, and even placing some of these on a skewer can make them easier to eat or share in your hot tub. I’d suggest staying away from alcohol, but creating a fizzy alternative with elderflower cordial and strawberries can be the safer option to make sure you don’t pass out on your romantic night.

this round up is perfect for a specifically romantic night, but if you’re looking for more general tips then take a look here:

This site has compiled the ultimate guide to hot tub holidays, it’s worth reading to prepare you for a hot tub weekend for 2, or even for the whole family.

Sometimes just being with your favourite person is all you need to have a romantic night, as long as you stay safe then you’re destined to have a good night together.

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