Shh! Don’t Tell Them I Play Cards Online

Posted on Sep 29 2017 - 8:12pm by Charlie

My friends think that I am addicted to my smartphone. However, they don’t see me online on Facebook all the time. They are always wondering how I get so much free time. I am a mother and an off day is a rarity, in fact a luxury for us moms. However, if you ask my friends, they will tell you that I magically get all my mommy-duties done and then relax the rest of the day. They even think that I have employed a nanny to care for my kids. They could not be more wrong. I wish they knew that they could download MobilityWare app on their smartphone.

Am I a ‘Supermom’?

I won’t call myself a supermom but it is true that I get all my mommy-duties done while my friends are busy getting stressed about having a child. Yes, all that cleaning, cooking and lack of sleep takes a toll on us moms. However, I am good at managing my tasks. I get laundry done on time and have designed a perfect sleep schedule for my baby and even for myself.

Disturbed sleep is quite common with new moms. It happened to me as well. I quickly realized that I cannot get my work done properly if this continues. I designed my schedule according to my baby. As soon as she slept in the afternoon, I took a nap too. I would squeeze in some time for yoga and meditation too. It is all about time management.

Does that mean I am a supermom? No. I am just good at time management. By far, this has worked in my favor. I get enough sleep and remain in the pink of my health too. Plus, there is lesser stress in life. Meals are prepared in advance and cleaning is done when my husband is around to take care of the child. He helps me too. We get things done quickly and easily.

What about the smartphone addiction?

No. I am not addicted to my smartphone. As I am managing my time well, I get enough free moments for myself. I have a simple strategy- remain calm always. Guess what is helping me do this? A game of solitaire for Android. Yes, this is true. I am playing an awesome solitaire game on my smartphone. This beautifully designed app is everything a busy mom needs. Whenever I get some time off, I play a game. It is a fabulous way to de-stress.

De-stress? Really?


Let me give you a small example. What do you do when your child wakes up in the middle of the night and your sleep gets disturbed too? You feel irritated and stressed, right? You find it hard to go back to sleep again. Well, I don’t do that. I just play a good solitaire game. It helps me distress and focus my attention fully on the game. As soon as I am calmer, I sleep. Even my husband uses solitaire for iTunes to get rid of stress after work. Isn’t it great? You should try it too!

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