Shopping for Baby – What to Buy

Posted on Jun 27 2016 - 12:03pm by Charlie

I remember experiencing some mixed feelings which came with some deep introspection when it hit me that I was bang in the middle of that age when all my friends, colleagues and closest cousins were all going through some significant changes in their lives. These changes came with some mega responsibilities, the biggest of which was perhaps suddenly being entirely responsible for another life. Becoming a parent does indeed instil in one a whole new way of looking at life and while the world suddenly seems to be a more dangerous place to live in, there are a whole lot of nuances which come with being a parent or transitioning into the friend, colleague or relative of someone who’s a parent. Traditions such as gift-giving all of a sudden just get a little bit more complicated, particularly with regards to purchasing goods with a baby in mind.


First time parents have it particularly hard because there’s about a million-and-one other things to have to constantly think about, with exactly what to buy for baby taking a bit of a backseat by way of priorities. As you come to learn along the way however, babies just need a lot of “stuff,” yet oddly enough when it comes down to picking out all of this stuff they seemingly need, we somehow tend to hit a brick wall and go blank. Trust me, it can get rather difficult to try to justify walking out of a baby goods store with something which you somehow convinced yourself is better than walking out with nothing at all. Besides, you’re probably pressed for time (between all the erratic sleeping patterns, paediatrician’s appointments and preparing special baby meals) just by tending to the regular needs of raising an infant.

Whether it’s a gift or if it’s just an item of necessity, shopping for baby doesn’t have to be the hassle it has somehow become. You can save a lot of time and money if you look for inspiration online, with plenty of good deals available as well. Online baby goods platforms such as BabyThingz work well to bring an entire world of baby-goods right to your computer screen and in the specific case of BabyThingz, they periodically run promotions such as having orders above £50 delivered to you for free.

Once you realise that your computer screen is effectively your oyster, which you can fill up with a world of baby-goods shopping ideas, the actual process of picking something out of considerable value becomes quite easy. Where you’d have otherwise been overwhelmed by a range of cleverly placed baby goods in a physical store, you can now compare many different items with a simple swipe of the screen or click of the mouse-button to get the best deal. Picking out the perfect baby walker in terms of design, size and colour for example becomes an exercise of a matter of seconds because you can pretty much compare all the available designs side-by-side, all on just a single screen.

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