Should You Spend Your Holiday as a Family?

Posted on Oct 14 2014 - 4:07am by Charlie

If you’re lucky enough to be able to go on family holidays, it’s a great break from your usual routine. Although going away can be stressful, once you arrive everyone enjoys themselves. But should you spend the whole holiday as a family? Or is it ok for parents and children to go off and do their own thing? Children don’t always want to wander around museums, and parents aren’t necessarily keen on spending all day on the beach. Can you go on a family holiday but still do separate activities, or does that defeat the point of a family holiday? There are several options for leaving the kids to their own thing, from kids’ clubs to babysitters. How do you go about holidaying together but spending your time separately, and should you even do it?

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Kids’ Clubs

Many hotels and resorts around the word have kids’ activity clubs to keep your little nippers occupied during the day. They can provide all sorts of activities, depending on where you choose to go on holiday. The kids might get to go to the beach or have a disco, or they could be playing football or riding ponies. You don’t have to send your children to an activity club for the whole holiday, but these are a good option if you want to lounge by the pool all day. Kids often get bored if they’re not being entertained, and if there’s one thing kids’ clubs have, it’s entertainers.

Lessons and Courses

If you’d like to send the kids off for a day, or even just a morning or afternoon, there’s lots of adventures they can enjoy. It’s understandable if you’re not keen on doing things like rope courses or go-karting, but that’s no reason to stop the kids doing it. Send them off for the day to learn how to ski, go on a pony trek or take a sailing course. While they’re doing more strenuous activities, you can do all the things they might find a bit boring. Some kids love museums and walking around new cities, but others would rather be something a bit more high-energy. Sending them off for the day gives you a chance to do what you want, and them a chance to do what they want.

Babysitters and Nannies

You might want to spend the majority of your holiday as a family, but even on holiday parents deserve a night to themselves. If you and your partner want to get away for the night, many hotels provide childcare. Or if you’re staying in a rented apartment or house, find a trusted babysitter from a site like

But Aren’t Holidays For Family?

It’s up to you how much time you want to spend as a family, and doing your own thing doesn’t mean no family time at all. Just make sure you aren’t sending the kids off when they want to spend time with you. Also, it might be a good idea to try spending some quality time with your kids as much as you can. You can try something like having a game night where you can play board games (check out this site to get more ideas about such games) or read comics with them.

Try to create a balance between family time and separate activities for kids and grown-ups. This can ensure that you get to enjoy the best of both worlds!

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