Should You Wear Makeup on a Spa Day?

Posted on Sep 11 2015 - 7:33am by Charlie

Spa days are a relaxing experience that most people enjoy going on to unwind, be pampered, and take some time to relax away from their busy lives. But for ladies, there are often a number of questions about going on a spa day – what to wear, what to take, and should you wear makeup? There are a number of opinions on whether or not you should wear makeup on a spa day – but at the end of the day, it’s really down to what you want to do and what you feel is best. Let’s discuss whether or not wearing makeup on a spa day is a good idea.



If you’re going to be spending time in a sauna, swimming or getting a hot stone massage on a spa day, the chances are if you wear makeup, it’s going to run as you sweat it off. Getting sweaty is a good detox for your body, but if your face is covered in makeup your pores will find it hard to breathe and as a result, you’ll feel unnecessarily hot and clammy, and it probably won’t be a good look. For those ladies who don’t feel comfortable going completely makeup-free on a spa day but still want their skin to feel the benefits, opting for a dash of waterproof mascara on their lashes might be the best idea.

Is it Necessary?

Unless you’re going on the spa day with someone that you really want to impress, ask yourself is wearing makeup really necessary? Spa days will help you to relax and unwind and feel good on the inside, which in turn will also give you a healthy glow. And if you’re opting for facial treatments, you will probably find that your skin will start to look and feel better as a result. Having facials in Burlingame, CA or wherever you reside might also require you to take off your makeup (if you’re wearing it), as it could block the products used and may not help you get the full benefit of the treatment.

Consider the Services You’re Taking

Whether or not you decide to wear makeup on your spa day really is down to the services and treatments that you’re going to have. If you’re on holiday and want to visit a Maui Spa such as Hoola Spa which has a salt room and other treatments using creams and oils, you probably won’t want to wear makeup simply because of the heat and the fact that you’ll probably have to remove it at some point to feel the full benefit of the treatments. However, if you’re simply opting for a massage, you may find that whether or not you wear makeup doesn’t really make a difference.

Have you been on a spa day where you wore makeup? Would you do it again, or have you vowed to go bare-faced next time? Do you have any advice for ladies wondering whether or not they should wear makeup for a spa day? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.

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