Struggling To Find Money For Christmas? Here’s Some Great Ideas

Posted on Dec 11 2013 - 3:36pm by Charlie

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At a time of year when most of us are already feeling the pinch, December can be a pretty stressful month for a lot of people. Although we all like to save face and display the Christmas cheer, financial issues can start to get us down as we approach the big day, which is why I felt the need to write this short post. Sometimes our minds can become clouded, especially when there’s an element of worry involved, so spend the next few minutes reading through the rest of this article, and I’ll do my utmost to highlight some of the measures you might consider taking.

Back when I was a child, I’d be lucky if my parents spent £100 on presents, but nowadays with the onset of gaming consoles and computers, the average amount is somewhere closer to £500 per child – shocking eh? Failing to budget for this throughout the year can mean that some parents are left in a less than desirable financial situation, often resulting in them struggling to keep up with bills in January and February, which can obviously have a knock-on effect for the next year.

Here are some great ideas to combat this…

Planning Well In Advance

If you’re reading this article, the chances are you didn’t start planning for Christmas expenditure when you should have done, which is why you’re having more trouble than most at the moment. So, for future reference, it’s always wise to start saving around July, as this gives you more than enough time to accumulate the funds needed. Just make sure you factor in at least £400 for each child. That way; if you underspend there’ll be some money left over to pick up a larger turkey this year.

Selling Items Online

Through online auction websites like eBay and its competitors, many people find they managed to raise a significant amount of cash by selling their old possessions. You might be surprised to learn that a friend of mine recently sold off a pile of his old brand-named t-shirts for almost as much as he paid for them originally, after owning them and wearing them for more than 2 years. People will buy anything online, so get creative and work out exactly what you can do without. This could help you to get the funds you need really quickly, especially if you cut PayPal out of the equation and only offer cash on collection.

Getting A Loan

So long as you know for certain you’ve got money coming in at some point soon, opting to apply for a loan could be perfect. Banks are less reliable these days, and payday lenders charge a ridiculous amount of interest, which only leaves a couple of viable solutions open to you. At the moment Mobile Money in Bolton are offering fantastic deals on logbook loans, so perhaps this is something you should start looking into right now.

When all’s said and done, Christmas is what you make of it, and money really shouldn’t be an issue. So, getting things sorted now before it’s too late will definitely improve the experience for everyone in your household.

Nobody want’s to be thinking about bills during the Queens speech.

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