Ten Mistakes to Avoid when Hiring a Car

Posted on Feb 9 2014 - 11:11am by Charlie

Car rental Hiring a car could be a nightmare if you’re not prepared. Being aware of the most common mistakes will help you avoid them.

Returning the car

If you take the car back after the designated time you could find yourself paying for an additional day. If you’re not sure when you’ll be able to get the car back, hire it for an extra day and bring it back early at a time that’s convenient for you.


If you’ll need the car for a busy time of year like Christmas, you should book it early to make sure you’ll get the car you want. This will also save you money as you may find that the only vehicles available are larger ones in a higher price bracket.

Verify the car

A common mistake people make is not verifying the car’s condition before they take on the hire. If there are scratches or dings before you took the car on that the hire firm haven’t identified, you could be liable for the damages.

Read agreement

As well as checking the car’s condition, you should read the agreement so you know how much fuel to return the car with. Feel free to question the hire firm before you accept the car if you’re not sure about anything in the agreement.

Cheapest car

A lot of people automatically chose the cheapest hire car, especially if they’re on holiday and they’re trying to keep costs down. This is often a mistake as the cheapest cars won’t have the creature comforts that you will need if you’re driving a long way.

Hire car firms

As with hiring the cheapest car, going to the cheapest car hire firm isn’t necessarily the right move. You really should choose a reputable firm like Alamo Car Hire or Hertz. Hiring from a smaller firm that you’ve never heard of could lead to the short of shameless tactics that make people wary of hiring cars.

Pay by credit card

If you’re hiring abroad, you should pay by credit card. This safeguards you if you need to challenge the amount charged. Genuine mistakes can occur when hiring anything and you’ll find it easier to get your money back if you buy with a credit card.

Insurance waiver

One of the mistakes that people make when hiring a car is to not take out an insurance waiver. You will save a little money by not being covered, but ultimately you could find yourself out of pocket, even if the accident wasn’t your fault.

Know your rights

Another mistake that people make is to not know their rights. Consulting the BVRLA’s website will give you all the answers you need.

Before you travel

Check out websites like gov.uk before you travel, especially if you’re visiting a country for the first time. You’ll be surprised how many people aren’t aware of the road traffic rules for the country they’re visiting.

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