The Basics of Working from Home

Posted on Apr 7 2015 - 4:03am by Charlie

Not only does working from home save you the cost of commuting every day, you typically have the freedom to work on your own schedule. You’re awake at 3am? Well, why not do a little bit of the paperwork that you’ve been putting off. Its 9am, and you’re still in bed? That’s fine, your schedule starts when you’re ready. Working from home isn’t all freedom though. Most places still have timelines that you need to meet, and you need to be careful with what you choose to do at home, because there is plenty of scams out there. Thankfully, working from home has some pretty basic guidelines that can make it a breeze.


This is probably the biggest problem for most people who work from home. Whether you have children, pets, or a short attention span, distractions can affect your ability to get your work done. Distractions can happen in the office too, but most times, your boss may walk by, reminding you to get back to work. At home, you’ve got to rely on yourself to get back to work, which is a struggle for some people. For this reason, it’s best to have a space set aside that is specifically reserved for work. There would be nothing worse than when you’re in the middle of an audio chat with a client and you have a barking dog or screaming kids in the background. Giving yourself a specific space helps to avoid this, as everyone else in the house will get used to your working space and office hours.

Work Space

When you work from home, it’s crucial to have a functional work space. Setting up a home office is a great step, one that you can close the door to any outside distractions, so it can be you, your computer and your phone, if you’re a customer service representative, or working with any other job that may require you to call clients, or your employer regularly. Another thing to make sure of is your internet connection. Before you start working from home, research into the best internet services and VPN providers (for example NordVPN vs PIA is one choice of many available) to make sure you are going to be working from a reliable location. Make it pleasant and comfortable, but also as free of distractions as possible. To keep your computer and data safe, it’s best to invest in some protection. By using a VPN to torrent, you can safely download and share work files and client data.


Sitting at your desk for hours on end isn’t fun in an office setting, and it’s not any easier at home. Getting up to stretch, and taking a break helps refuel your body, and reset your mind, so that you are always putting forth your best work. You may not get out of the house frequently if you work from home, so taking a walk around the block or going to your back yard and doing some yoga will help you from feeling restless.


Yes, there are A LOT of work from home scams, but if you find a reputable site, such as oDesk, or even some listings from JobDig, or CareerBuilder, Indeed, or Monster, you can find listings for anything from a freelance writer, to a customer service representative, or even an Virtual Assistant. Do your research before jumping into a listing to determine if it’s a scam, or if it is legitimate. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is, and if anything about it feels weird, don’t do it. Obviously, don’t fall for scammers wanting you to send them a prepaid credit card, or your bank information. You should never have to pay money for a legitimate job offer. However, starting a business would most likely require an initial investment.


Sure, while you work from home, you may not have anybody to impress, but changing out of your pj’s, into something a little nicer, will help remind you that its work time. You don’t need to go all out and wear a suit, or other formal attire, but wearing work appropriate clothing may help you. If you feel like you’re more productive in your pj’s, or sweatpants, and you have no clients or video conferences, then by all means, wear what makes you comfortable and productive.

Daily Planners

Not only are they a great way to keep up with appointments, it makes it easier to construct your work day. Setting hours for working helps keep you focused, and on a schedule. Scheduling your breaks, and what you need to be doing at that time of day not only helps keep you on task, but can remind you what you were working on, in the event an unexpected distraction comes up, such as children, or a power outage. Whether you use an online version or the old-fashioned paper ones, it’s one of the best ways to stay organized.

Do Whatever Makes You Happy

Most people take an office job out of necessity, only to end up miserable and dreading going to work every day. The same thing happens if you take a job working at home that you don’t enjoy. Working from home provides flexibility with what you do to earn a living, or to just make some extra cash. If you’re a stay-at-home-mom there are plenty of ways to earn money that does not have super strict timeframes that will cut into the time you spend with your family.

Working from home can be truly rewarding. Whether you are looking for a full time wages or just earning some extra income. Take it seriously and you’ll find success.

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