The Best Way to Teach Your Child to Drive

Posted on May 29 2014 - 3:33pm by Charlie

If you’re thinking of teaching your child to drive, you’ve probably already realised that it won’t be easy. You need to make sure that before beginning lessons with you, your child is familiar with the rules of the road and that you’re comfortable in a car with them – it’ll be your responsibility if things go wrong! Ideally, you’ll have a lot of patience too as there will definitely be some mistakes. Still want to teach your child to drive? Here’s the best way to do it:



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Start in the House

Before you even get in the car, start learning in the house. Review the rules of the road, how to use a car, and how to stay safe. Make sure they know what they’re getting themselves into before getting in the car. Make sure you both agree on what responsibilities you have before getting in the car too. Lay out any conditions: who is paying for what, what car they’ll drive when they pass their test, whether you want them to pass a certain exam for you to continue teaching them, and so on.


Be a Model Driver

Encourage your child to notice what you do as you drive. You can start this way before it’s time for your student to go for their license, or even before they start learning! They can learn a lot from simply being in the car with you.

Drive out loud if you can, and give a running commentary of what you’re doing. Say what you think other cars are doing too, and how you’re going to handle them. Don’t speed or get road rage, and always signal. You need to be setting an example here.


Apply for a Provisional

You need to make sure your child has a provisional license in order for them to learn how to drive.


Find the Perfect Place

Find a great place off the main streets that are free from obstructions for your child to begin learning. An empty car park is ideal! Make sure that the first few times you go out, it’s daylight and the weather is ok.

Start with the simple things, like turning the car on, putting the seat belt on, adjusting the mirrors to suit them, putting the car in gear, and so on.

Start off really slowly and practice accelerating/decelerating. Practice changing gears, making turns, and other simple things. You can then move on to maneuvers after a few lessons, when you think they’re ready. They probably won’t feel ready, but you must push them and make sure they’re out of their comfort zone, or they won’t learn!


Practice the Test

The next thing to do is to book your theory test. A good site for this is Whilst you are revising, start practicing for the practical part of the test by doing mock tests as often as possible.

Make sure you don’t practice too often, as you may begin to get sick of each other and not want to do it. Good luck!

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