The Female Advantages to Gambling

Posted on Aug 28 2015 - 12:39pm by Charlie

It’s long been held that the gambling world is very much a man’s world. One need only look to Las Vegas and the very separation of men’s and women’s roles in the workplace to see how much this rings true. The men man the tables while the women provide the drinks or perform in the shows. It’s a long established tradition.


Being a woman in gambling however is changing. More are appearing on the professional gambling circuit and there are more online casino players coming from the female demographic than ever before. The amazing thing about all this? That being female can actually help women gamblers in more than a couple of ways. Check out the following to see why.

Turning Disadvantages to Advantages

Being a woman in a man’s world might just be the biggest advantage a woman entering into gambling can have. Your perceived worth as a player might be deemed to be less thanks to the historical roots of casino gambling, meaning that taking advantage of prejudice and underestimation can actually work in your favour. Patience and understanding are virtues that translate well to gambling and you bet women can be just as competitive as men too when it comes to the will to win.

Playing online on the other hand, especially at places like bgo bingo, can be super advantageous to women in other ways. Taking the sting out of sexism and allowing you to enter into games anonymously, playing digitally throws out all of the patriarchy and gender positioning of the traditions of old.

Natural Assets

The natural and obvious gift many women have at being able to easily manipulate and confuse men can also really help out female gamblers looking to make a dent in that world. Playing poker at a casino requires a very level head and little ego. It also requires a good amount of bluffing and emotional trickery directed by body language. Women can certainly capitalise on their innate talents to sharpen up their game and rule the roost over the men at the table.


According to studies it is also women who are better equipped at handling several activities at once. In gambling terms this can play out very well in the hands of women playing both online and off, forced into making quick decisions, computing odds and otherwise reading what’s happening in the games they are playing. In poker, which requires a great level of concentration, this ability is fairly crucial, meaning that many female players might just go into a game with another natural advantage over their male counterparts.

At the end of the day there isn’t a great deal of difference between the sexes when it comes to success in the gambling world. Being a women though, as the aforementioned suggestions show, doesn’t have to be a disadvantage at all. So shake off the shackles of thinking it’s a man’s world and jump into a game with full confidence in your abilities

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