The Guide To Being A Responsible Parent

Posted on Jun 15 2015 - 2:36pm by Charlie

When we have children, there’s often a lot that changes in our lives. Some people prepare for it. Others embrace it. For some, it can be difficult not to live for yourself anymore. You have to live for your children. They are the priority. At absolutely all times.

You are responsible for them. You must always remember that. Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can be a responsible parent.

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Keeping A Sleep Schedule

Letting your children stay up all night is terrible for them. Even if they aren’t school age yet, not having a sleep schedule can seriously disrupt their lives and their learning. People are irritable and do not function fully without a good night’s sleep. This goes especially for children.

If you are sending them off to nursery or preschool in this state, you are making things harder for the carers. Not only that, you are impacting their ability to learn. They’re unlikely to listen if they’re half asleep.

A Good Diet

Children need good nutrition more than any other age group. They need nutrients and sustenance to grow. Not only that, but you need to instil dietary rules in them, so they don’t just resort to junk food and easy meals.

Getting your children to like fruit and vegetables is your first task. Taste palettes are different for everyone, and with children they are still developing. Feed them a wide array of natural foods to broaden their tastes. They may not like everything, but it’ll give them a large enough base of things to like that they won’t become picky eaters in the future.

Give Up Your Vices

Setting a good example for your children is as important as anything else. Not only that, but giving up certain vices may also improve your health and extend your lifespan. If you want to be there for your children for as long as possible, it could be worth looking at what you can cut out of your life.

For drinking, a little tipple now and then is fine. Getting horrifically drunk regularly like you did in your early 20s is unacceptable. Not only are you setting a bad example, you’re acting irresponsibly so cut it down or out entirely.

If you feel you have a serious problem with alcohol, try alcohol rehab. It could be you have an addiction problem.

As for smoking, second-hand smoke is a killer. That’s a fact. Even the residue on your clothes and body will contain harmful chemicals. We all know you shouldn’t smoke when children are in the womb, but you shouldn’t smoke around them period.

Switching to a nicotine replacement method or quitting altogether should be an alternative to smoking. Not only are you improving your health, you’re stopping your children getting conditions such as asthma.

Be Understanding

Children can be irrational and irritating. They’re not fully formed people yet though. They may not understand the implications of what they do or say.

Try not to lose your temper with your children. Stay calm whenever possible, and at the very least try to contain the situation.

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