The Pros And Cons Of New Pets

Posted on Feb 18 2015 - 1:46am by Charlie

As parents, one of the most common questions we get asked by the kids is “can we get a puppy?” and I suspect that we’re not alone in this! Every household with children and families of their own has probably been asked or begged for a puppy since their children were old enough to talk. It’s certainly one of those inbuilt things that make our childhood more fun. Today I wanted to sit down and think about the pro’s and con’s of getting a new pet. When is the right time and what sort of sacrifices will we have to make in order to accommodate a new and slightly furrier member of the family.

The Pros For Having A New Pet

There are many reasons why getting a new family pet is a great idea. Firstly, think about how happy your children will be? One of the best things ever is to grow up with a pet as your best friend. Pets like dogs are a great first friend for your child and give them a good understanding of caring for, and respecting animals. As long as you teach them how to handle their pet, children usually respond well.

Fun family exercise is another plus point. As long as you get a pet like a dog or a horse that can be interacted with inside as well as outside, this is a plus point. Having the ability to go for regular walks with your pet or ride your horse around a field will encourage yourself and your family to spend more time in the fresh air. This is a good way to encourage kids, not to be cooped up inside for so long. Get them away from the video games and out in the open!

Loyalty. Some pets are extremely loyal. Obviously if you are getting a pet lizard or a hamster, then there are different plus points. A dog, for example, will be loyal and crave your attention. Ensure that you have enough time to spend with them.


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The Cons For Having A New Pet

Fleas and ticks are a big problem in my mind when it comes to potentially getting a new pet. The more animals you own, the more chance of them developing little nasties. You can see these flea and tick products to get an idea of the things I’m talking about. Beware as you might come away itching after reading about it all! You can easily treat these problems though and there are ways to prevent them in the first place. So I suppose they aren’t as big an issue as we may think.

Time to care for your pet could be a negative factor in your decision. If you work long hours and there is no-one home during the day then getting a pet that requires a lot of attention is a big no-no. Pets such as goldfish or reptiles may be a better alternative.

Money is another factor that should be considered. Do you have enough to pay for insurance? Have you got enough funds to buy the best food and accessories for your pet? Try to think hard about this before hand. Good luck making this tough decision!


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