The Psychological Appeal of Domestic Cleaning – Why Do We Enjoy It So Much?

Posted on Mar 24 2015 - 8:49am by Charlie

Article provided by Mike James of, a UK based cleaning firm with over 25 years experience in the domestic cleaning market.

Cleaning isn’t something we tend to associate with fun and enjoyment, yet many of us can’t wait to get stuck in to household chores. Some even get excited when they buy new cleaning materials or equipment like a Riccar Supralite, for example, or a new mop. There are many reasons why cleaning might actually be something to look forward to, from psychological appeal to the health benefits it can offer us. Additionally, cleaning enables us to spot any issues that we may not have noticed otherwise – for example, should we see something that looks like mold, we can waste no time in learning how to incubate a mold test kit and get one ordered so that we can test and take the next steps towards removing it before it becomes a much bigger issue.

Here are some of the many reasons why cleaning has us hooked and why it might not necessarily be the tedious job many of us still see it as.

It’s a Peaceful Experience (Mostly!)

You might not believe the first one, but it’s been proven that cleaning can actually make you feel a lot calmer within a stressful lifestyle.

There are many therapists out there that will recommend certain activities as a means of calming the mind and taking the odd break, with cleaning often being one of these therapeutic activities. After all, we tend to feel a lot more comfortable in an environment that’s clean and fresh.


Cleaning products take up a large portion of people’s weekly shopping

You could quite easily integrate this psychological cleaning method into the week’s schedule, with a domestic leaning job on the weekend preparing you for the demanding week ahead.

Instead of focusing on one specific cleaning job, you would ideally look to focus on a bit of every part of your home, from sweeping floors and wiping down kitchen surfaces to tidying up book shelves and organising clothing cupboards.

It Reduces Stress

We all go through notably stressful situations during our lifetime and do our very best to seek out helpful stress-relieving activities at the same time. With cleaning offering peace of mind and relaxation benefits, it’s no surprise that it’s also great for reducing stress.

If you’re struggling with certain aspects of your working life or anything else, getting some domestic cleaning done might be the perfect way to go about feeling productive while putting stress-related anxieties to one side.

Cleaning doesn’t usually require any significant brain power, so you’ll end up resting your brain and preparing yourself accordingly for any stressful issues you will have to face at some stage in the future.

It Improves Your Mood

Cleaning isn’t all psychological, with many jobs you do requiring physical determination that you might find difficult to come across on the odd occasion. Cleaning does burn calories without you even realising, which in-turn increases the feel-good chemicals of the brain, also known as endorphins.

Any stress-related issues you’re experiencing are put to the back of your mind when cleaning until they become completely insignificant, which is really helpful if you’re finding your busy lifestyle tougher than usual.

Consider the refreshing feeling you get from having finished a plethora of cleaning jobs and being able to enjoy the fresh new look you’ve created. Surely that’s more than enough to boost your mood in preparation for the working week!

Furthermore, seeing your house or environment clean automatically tends to improve your mood. Indeed, many people use ultrapure distilled water to clean their home’s floors, windows, and walls. Because distilled and deionized water has had all or most of their mineral content removed, they are extremely hungry for minerals from the parts, which are typically dirt and contaminants on the surface. That is why people who use cleaning procedures to relieve stress tend to employ such methods to get everything spotless. So next time you are pissed at something, you can try cleaning your house using distilled water to get rid of all the stress and boost up your mood. That way, your house could be squeaky clean, and your mood could likely get much better.

It Reflects How You’re Feeling About Yourself

Sitting around doing nothing when you have the chance to stay active is a lifestyle we all look to avoid or at least remain determined to get out of. When you find the motivation to get some work done, it’s a sign that staying active and improving your surroundings is high on your personal agenda and you’re going through an enjoyable and prosperous time in your life.

What we often fail to realise is that cleaning up after ourselves is all part of a normal lifestyle, so you’ll never really understand the true nature of life until you’re experiencing it regularly first hand. This would mean that by rejecting the inevitable cleaning job, we’re rejecting an opportunity to get back on track.

Domestic cleaning jobs result in a comfortable environment that make us feel a whole lot better about our homely atmosphere, yet cleaning is also often down to the fulfilment we get from getting the job done and staying active in this way. If you’re regularly taking up cleaning chores randomly about the house, you’ll find yourself feeling a whole lot better about yourself.

It Gives Us a Sense of Control

When domestic cleaning jobs go out of the window, it’s no surprise that we suddenly lose track of where everything is. It’s a bit like losing the TV remote or misplacing something valuable, as these items always seem to appear when a little cleaning is done in the meantime.

Much of the comfort we get from cleaning comes from the amount of control we get from a cleaner and more organised environment. If you’d find it easier to live in a space that’s organised to your preferences, why not put things where you’d want them to be? It gives us the peace of mind we need when feeling disorganised or out of control.

It doesn’t matter who you are or what your opinion on cleaning is, we’d all have a lot more control in an environment that’s clean, fresh, organised and space-efficient. It’s much easier for us to operate in a space that isn’t cluttered and disorganised, so having these cleaning options really does help us feel satisfied and a whole lot more relaxed.

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