The Ultimate Guide to Creating the Perfect, Family-Friendly Living Ro

Posted on Jun 23 2015 - 12:17pm by Charlie

The Ultimate Guide to Creating the Perfect Family Friendly Living Room

A great home can mean a lot of different things to different people. For families, a perfect home usually means a space that is clean, comfortable and safe. Families also want a home that expresses their personalities and help them relax and create during their time there.

Needless to say, achieving all of these things in any family home is not always easy. It can be difficult to work around busy kids and parents desires to build a space that everyone can feel comfortable in, especially in common rooms like the living room. Here is the ultimate guide to creating the perfect, family-friendly living room.

Stop fighting over the remote

This is a common brawl that happens in a lot of houses every single day. No one can agree on what TV show or movie to watch and when to watch it. Families can settle this argument by having a separate TV room or by using find better options that will suit everyone’s needs.

Decide on a simple style

Style in common rooms like the living room should not be too specific. It is important for everyone to feel comfortable in the multi-functional space, so opt for a design that is more neutral and appealing to the whole family.

Make cleanup easy

Messes happen in every room that the kids are in, and they spend a majority of their time at home in the living room. Make it easy to clean up any mess that happens. Some easy ways to do this is to have removable slip covers on the sofa and dent-proof coffee tables that will hold up to any mess.

Create storage for everyone to use

Storage in the living room is usually pretty scarce. However, a lot of items like toys, DVDs and books need to be stored nearby. Have storage options at everyone’s level to make keeping these items nearby easy and daily clean-up quick.

Create cozy seating spaces

Seating is often limited in any room of the home. It is important for entertaining and everyday use to have a lot of seating that people will be comfortable using in the living room. Parents can add cloth cushions to hardwood chairs and even use floor pillows to make sure everyone has a place to sit.

Express with color

Though it is impossible to express everyone’s style in one room, families can make their own styles known in the space in a few different ways. In addition to displaying family memorabilia and photos, everyone can use colors to express each person’s likes and interests. For example, families who like hunting and the outdoors can use shades of brown and green for a cool, outdoorsy space.

Add a rug

Rugs are a great finishing touch to any space in the home. Additionally, rugs can make the rom feel a lot more cozy and comfortable instantly. Search for a rug that is not only durable and easy to clean, but that will also function as an extension of the room’s design.


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