The Women’s Guide to Infertility Options

Posted on Sep 11 2013 - 7:52pm by Charlie

If you’ve been trying for a baby for a few years and suspect something may be wrong, you should go to a specialist to see what’s going on. You’ll likely have to have a series of tests to determine what’s happening, however; there are many options for a couple who find out one of them are infertile. If you’re both still committed to having a child that is your own, assisted reproduction therapy can help you. There are many more methods, too; read on to discover more infertility options:

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Finding Out You’re Infertile

If you’ve been trying for a baby but had no luck, you shouldn’t jump to any conclusions. It can take some couples more than 3 years to conceive, especially those ages 35 or over. Before assuming anything you and your partner are infertile, you need to consult a doctor or fertility specialist who will point you in the right direction. It could just be a case of adjusting your behaviour slightly.

Finding out you are infertile is a very hard time. You need to make sure you get the right support, whether that’s from friends and family, fertility forums, your partner, or a counselor. Getting the right support, and considering the other options available to you, will help you through the rough times. While this article talks about possible ways to conceive, you should remember to consider alternate options like turning into adoption families or using a surrogate, as well.

Infertility Options

Egg Donation

If a woman isn’t producing enough eggs or the quality is too poor, a couple can consider using an oocyte donor to help them. An oocyte donor (also known as an egg donor), donates her eggs to a couple, which are then combined with the male partner’s sperm in a lab, and implanted into the female who can’t produce eggs. This method helps couples have the baby they long for when they wouldn’t be able to conceive any other way.


IVF is a very popular method of assisted conception. To put it simply, eggs are taken from the mother and sperm is taken from the father, they are then placed together in a glass container to fertilise. The embryo will then be placed into the mother’s womb to grow into a healthy baby.


This method is a filtering process that separates the healthy sperm from the slower sperm. The healthy sperm are then placed into the womb around the time of ovulation. This is a popular method for same sex couples or somebody looking to have a baby without a partner.

Fertility Drugs

Fertility drugs can be used to help regulate the woman’s cycle and make it more likely for a couple to get pregnant. In some cases, they can be very effective.


Some physical problems that occur in the reproductive systems can be fixed with surgery. This will then allow for a natural conception.

These are just a few options when considering your infertility options. There are many other routes to take, including; surrogacy, IVM, GIFT, and ICSI. You should discuss these with a specialist who will be able to recommend the perfect treatment for you. Good luck!

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