Tips For Creating A Family Friendly Yard

Posted on Jul 11 2016 - 6:49pm by Charlie

Your yard, all year round, is an oasis for your whole family. It can offer a place to sunbathe, a place to relax, a place to build snowmen, and so much more. But that means that it needs some work done to it occasionally, like mowing and landscaping.


However, there is more to creating a family friendly yard, if you have the yard and yard space for it, than just mowing the lawn and mulching. You can create the perfect outdoor oasis for your entire family with the following tips and ideas.

Have Some Adult Space

Even if you don’t have kids, you may want a nice yard where you can go out to enjoy the great outdoors. Make it something fun if you want to have parties. That could mean having some nice lighting, have some outdoor speakers connected to your stereo system, having an outdoor tiki bar, and maybe even having a projector to watch movies outdoors (which is great for kids too). If this is the case and you’re wanting to use your garden space as an outdoor entertainment area, you’ll also want to make sure your garden is looking in tip-top condition and well-taken care of. You could choose to do this yourself, or look into a website similar to to find lawn maintenance services available.

You might want a relaxing space, where you can meditate, or even read. Have a nice, comfy outdoor lounge chair for reading. Maybe have a water fountain or pond put in for a nice peaceful garden area where you can lose yourself in nature and the sounds of water.

Create A Great Cookout Area

One thing every backyard needs is a grill area. Whether you have a portable or freestanding grill, or you build a stone or concrete grill space, this gives you a great place to cookout and enjoy the outdoor. If you like having company and get-togethers, make sure you get a grill to accommodate everyone.

This also means having seating for everyone to eat. Get a simple picnic table, or go more fancy. Make sure you have some fun places for kids to sit and eat too! You want them to have comfortable, kid sized tables and chairs.

Make Sure Kids Have Fun Too

Speaking of kids- if you have children you also want to make sure that they have some fun in the yard. It will help get them outside and away from the video games, or off their phones. Have a swing set, or a jungle gym type set. Kids love slides and other fun outdoor things.

You may also want to get some fun outdoor games, like volleyball. If you have the space, a pool is a great investment for the whole family as well. Make sure you practice safety though, and have an adult in supervision of the pool at all times.

Your backyard could be your favorite place, you just need to put a little work into it. At the least, keep it groomed and have some chair out there. Even just listening to the birds and the wind in the trees can be relaxing!

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