Tips for Camping with Kids

Posted on Feb 3 2014 - 10:42pm by Charlie

Not everybody would love to go camping with kids. In fact, to some people, the mere utterance of the words camping and kids together is enough to send quivers down their spine. Truth is: if done properly, camping with kids can be such a great and relatively cheap holiday for any family. If you are willing to use REI Gear Rental services it might reduce costs even further!

Many people picture camping with kids as a scenario that is characteristic of boredom, spending time in the cold with all the other spirited youngsters running wild around the camp fires etc. For some, camping with kids is a complete nightmare particularly once you get to the camping site and all your plans / intentions start spiralling out of control and everyone present [both the adults and the kids] all turn grumpy.

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As strange as it may sound, this is never the case when camping with kids, in fact, at the moment there are countless outdoor activities for kids and a variety of family attractions which serve to keep everyone happy when out camping. It’s only that for a chance to experience this fun side of camping with kids you need to find out a little more about tips for camping with kids than you already do.

This year plans are already underway to go camping with our 18 month old and 3 year old boys. We choose to go camping because we couldn’t think of any other fun holiday that we could have with them. We know for sure that all of us are going to appreciate the un-rushed time we’ll get to spend together, the calmness and fresh air at the camping site and most importantly the adventure that awaits us.

Below are a few tips for camping with kids which you should seriously take into consideration before you pack up the tent. They include:

A. Location planning – Carefully pick your camp site/park

Take time to carefully thing about the kind of site you would like to spend time in. For instance, think about the “back to nature” kind of site or a site which is more organised. When thinking of the kind of site you would like to go to, take into serious consideration the age of your children, how much camping you have done before and most importantly how adventurous you might be feeling.
Take note, there are a variety of campsites in the UK to choose from, consider that as a start for the perfect camping site. Also remember to take into serious consideration what there is to do in the area surrounding the camp site you might be interested in going to. This is very important because during summer for instance some areas around certain camp sites play host to certain family events such as rallies, festivals etc.

B. Practicing – Organize and hosting a back garden camping break

This is very important especially if you are thinking of making a long trip or going to a camp site slightly far away from your home. It will help you figure out exactly everything which you may need to pack for the actual trip. What’s more, it will also give you an idea on how to keep everyone accompanying you warm, relaxed enough to sleep in the tents, which kind of toys, clothes and cooking equipment to carry along with you and most importantly how to keep everybody happy and not bored. It’ll also be a lot of fun for the kids. Come to think of it, pitching the tent will also allow you to easily spot any defects likely to inconvenience you while out camping plus it will also make it easier for you to set up the tents and everything else one you get to the camp site since you will have already familiarized yourself with the whole process of setting up the camp.

C. Finding yourself suitable accommodation

Caravans are becoming more and more popular due to being a more comfortable environment than the good old fashioned tent, and if it’s raining outside you can play games or watch TV. Caravans often have bunk beds and fold out beds in the main seating areas to accommodate families. If you join clubs like The Caravan Club, there are various discounts on campsites and local attractions.

D. Pack in readiness for any occurrence

When packing, try as much as possible to carry an extra piece of each and everything that you pack [as in prepare for any eventuality]. For instance, pack a couple of extra blankets just in case since being cold is a guarantee to ruin anybody’s mood. In fact, in case you can carry with you blankets as well as sleeping bags just in case of any accidental spills or sudden temperature changes. Being too hot can almost be as bad as being too cold when it comes to sleeping in a tent, so bring along a solar powered fan as well to keep a breeze blowing (which can also help to keep away any irritating bugs!).

E. Pack all essentials e.g. wet wipes

These would come in handy than you could possibly imagine. Apart from the wet wipes other equally important supplies to carry along with you include: kitchen towels, a first aid kit, rubbish bags and soap etc.

F. Planning your camp site cooking [make sure kids stay away from the kitchen area]

Designate a clear area for cooking and once you are done setting up the kitchen area, explain it to the children why they should keep away from that area and instead pointing out exactly where they should be playing at in order to completely minimize the risks.

Alternatively you can make campsite cooking a little easier and much safer by cooking your meals at home and the only re-heating them once at the campsite. You could of course take a barbecue and grill your tea!

G. Start planning in advance and remember to set aside some time to rest once you get to the camp site

Always pre-plan your packing. It is very important because it will make it very easy for you to equally unpack and set up once you arrive at the camp site since you will be aware of where each and everything needed is. Taking into consideration the fact that the modern world has restricted movement to a pretty fixed time table, the best you can do when camping with kids is to simply wander about and in case you together with the rest of the camping party get too desperate, you can always look up things to do from your smart phone device.

H. Take time to relax by the campfire

Don’t take relaxing by the campfire too literally. Relaxing by the campfire means engaging the rest of the camping party [including kids in] interactive chats and joyful songs. To make it more fun you can be relaxing by the camp fire singing and chatting while more firewood is being collected at the same time. Above all, remember to familiarize yourself with all the basic rules for setting up camp fires and watch out for fire pits.

I. The key to easy camping

Don’t let yourself be pushed into going camping if you are not ready. In case you are looking forward to the camp consider the different places / sites which you can hire but have very little to sort out. Such camping sites serve as a perfect choice for any other person joining you for camping but in the company of tired or hungry kids. All you’ll be required to do is to simply set up the tents and you’ll be left with plenty of time to enjoy each other’s company.

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