Tips For Surviving An Unpleasant Pregnancy

Posted on Jan 12 2015 - 3:47am by Charlie

For some women, pregnancy is the most wonderful time in life. Nine months of helping new life grow and come into the world. Being able to nurture and nourish your little bundle is so special. You and you alone can keep little one safe and warm and secure until they are ready to come into the world and see you for the first time. For other women it is nine months of pain and discomfort, hormonal torrents of emotional outbursts and sheer exhaustion twenty-four hours a day.

Every pregnancy is different just like every baby is different. You may be unlucky and have a terrible pregnancy. All the aches and pains you experience as the baby grows and wriggles around. Then the kicking starts and you know you won’t be getting a good night’s sleep anytime soon. There are lots of reasons to want to curl up in a snotty heap of tears and despair when you are pregnant. Nine months feels like the longest time in the world, but as soon as it is over, most moms will tell you that’s when the hard work really starts!

If you are having pain when sitting don’t panic. Baby is probably just in an awkward spot that is wreaking havoc on your tailbone. Your body is going to change dramatically, and continually, until well after the birth, so the pain may disappear quite soon. Try a tailbone cushion to keep the pressure off but see your doctor if it is too unbearable. Pains in the rest of your back are to be expected as your internal organs are pushed out of the way, and your backside starts to protrude to make way for a bigger baby. The weight in front as you go through the third trimester will add to your misery but will disappear after birth in most cases.

Kicking is one of the most beautiful and most annoying parts of pregnancy. It’s great that the baby is letting you know he is going to be a soccer star, but at 3am, you really don’t find it charming any more. Even at this delicate age, babies appreciate a good routine, so do your best to stick to one. Sing or play music to baby to see what reactions you get. Some will go very still to listen while others will get even more excited.


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Sickness is not just hormonal or at the beginning of a pregnancy. It can occur throughout your pregnancy and after too. Babies do like to wriggle to find more room in your uterus. After a big meal, you may find little one pushes half of it back out of his way! Keep meals light but regular. Some foods may set you both off worse than others. Chicken, cheese and chocolate (the ch’s) are often the biggest offenders. Start your day with a ginger biscuit to help stave off morning sickness. Keep a diary to see what your little one reacts to most. The log will help you determine times and foods to avoid.

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