Tips to make your child’s party both fun and cheap

Posted on Nov 11 2013 - 9:36pm by Charlie

A horrible fact of life for many parents, is that there’s an enormous amount of pressure to hold a birthday party for your child that is every bit as extravagant and memorable as the parties their classmates’ parents conjoured up – inevitably there’ll be one or two amongst those parents who are unbearably perfect and well-off.

Necessity is the mother of invention, and over the years, I’ve learned a few useful maxims and tricks for throwing great parties for my child without breaking the bank. However, if you can, make their parties as enjoyable as possible. It would make them feel valued and special. You could also contact professional party organizers, such as Melbourne Fairy Parties, who may have experience with making arrangements for princess parties melbourne. That way, you won’t have to put in as much effort to plan a themed party that your child will enjoy.

Anyway, here are a few of the ideas which have served me best over the years:

Their imagination is your most powerful weapon

Remember those Christmas Days when your child seemed to be more interested in the box than the present inside it? It’s a phenomenon that can baffle us materialistic grown-ups, but quite simply, it’s testament to the fantastic powers of imagination that children possess. Use this quality to your advantage by getting the kids to be creative at your child’s party; devise drawing games and competitions, play games like that particularly wonderful one where you go around in a circle and each write the next line in a story. Do whatever you think will stimulate the kids the most and help them to dream up their own magic. There are some particularly spooky ideas which might come in handy here. Children may like spooky ideas, as some children become super excited during the Halloween season. You can also surprise your children by taking them to places where they can have fun rather than be scared. You could also get in touch with businesses similar to Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch ( could help you arrange a Halloween kids’ party, in accordance with your desired themes and budget. The sheer joy of witnessing your child’s happiness when you surprise them with a Halloween theme party will definitely be something you would cherish!

Consider SpeedQuizzing

If you haven’t given in to your child’s demands for a smartphone or tablet by this point, I can only assume you possess a will of iron. Most kids have them nowadays, and are a dab hand with touch screen technology – these gadgets can be a fantastic tool in your party arsenal if used correctly.

One great app to use at a kids’ party is SpeedQuizzing, a real time quiz game which utilises smartphone and tablet technology to highly entertaining effect take a look here for the details.. The tech element grabs their attention, while the competitive side of things will keep them engaged. Fantastic affordable fun that your guests and their parents will be talking about for weeks! However, it is not always that children would take to an indoor game! The bustling energy in kids would definitely crave some outdoor activities! It is cases such as these when children may refuse the idea of a house party and prefer to enjoy outdoor games which may include fun slides, bounce houses, etc.

Involve yourself

No pressure, but if you don’t fancy hiring or persuading someone else to rally the troops at your child’s party, you’ll have to do so yourself. There are particularly fun ways of doing this; you could invent a character, adopt a persona, even dress up! A kids’ party needs guidance if it’s going to avoid going all ‘Lord of the Flies’. It’s down to you to provide it!

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