Top 5 Ways To Make Fast Cash Online

Posted on Oct 16 2014 - 3:20pm by Charlie

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Sadly, making good money these days is far from easy. However, a lot of the time, we’re missing out on opportunities to make a quick penny from the comfort of our own homes, sat in front of our computers. The internet has become a thriving cyber-market for big companies and individuals alike, and with ease of use a massive positive, literally anybody can get involved. Here are our best tips of how to make some extra money quickly online.

1 – eBay

Those shoes you don’t wear anymore, or that necklace that reminds you of an ex, maybe even that antique board game sat in the loft doing nothing – it’s time to put them all on eBay. One of the biggest, most open markets online, eBay is a perfect place to sell on things you no longer use or need to help line your bank account. Rubbish presents for your birthday or at Christmas? No problem, sell them on. Easy to use with a fantastic app and customer services there to help, eBay is one of the safest places to be selling online.

2 – Online gaming

Did you know you can sell games to make money? All you might need is a good website with real-time check-out options similar to those you can find on websites like Despite the popularity of online gaming, only a few people tend to be aware of such possibilities. Of course, online gaming has taken off in a big way in recent years. The increase in smartphone and tablet users coupled with our hectic and β€˜on-the-go’ lifestyles have meant that many of us enjoy dabbling in some online gaming. We’re not suggesting you’ll necessarily make your millions with this route (although a Jobcentre worker from Lincolnshire recently won 5.9million from a 30p slot game!) but you can win cash with very little deposit. Some games cost as little as a few pence and many sites offer free cash bonuses when you register. There are plenty of sites out there to choose from including Winner Bingo, 888Ladies, and Cheeky Bingo. At Winner Bingo for example you can get 30 free to play with just by depositing 5 – click here to sign up tonight!

2 – Etsy

Are you creative? Do you make jewelry or take photographs? Are you an artist without buyers? Etsy is the perfect place online to sell any handmade goods, and is the home of many like-minded sellers and buyers all looking to do the same thing you are. They make selling, buying, and browsing easy, and let you display your products in an attractive way, encouraging people to buy them. Turn your hobby into a business and watch the money start rolling in soon after.

4 – Zapper

Have you got old books, DVDs, CDs and video games lying around that you’ll never use again? Zapper is the best place online to get rid of them all for free, and make some money back while you’re doing it. Fill in the form online of what you’re selling them, get an instant quote of what it’s all worth and box it up and ship it out via the free postage system. Easy.

5 – Gumtree

Are you amazing at DIY, or fancy yourself to be a good gardener, computer expert or have a van you could hire out on weekends? Gumtree is the place to go online for you. Just join up, list what service you can offer and for how much, leave your contact details and where you’re from and one of the millions of users that pass through the site a day will inevitably take you on for a job or two. Who knows? If the business takes off, your new sideline might replace your day job somewhere down the line.

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