Top five gifts for an expectant mum

Posted on Nov 28 2013 - 3:59pm by Charlie


It’s traditional to have an office whip round when there’s a new baby on the way and mum’s preparing for maternity leave. Although the collection is usually a huge success (because everyone’s excited for the new mum) the tricky part is actually deciding what to spend the money on once it’s been collected. Here’s five great ideas to consider.

1. A spa treatment. Look for a spa that specialises in bump-friendly services and if the pennies will stretch to a spa day make sure there’s a hearty lunch included, and lots of the facilities are suitable, as often whirlpools and jacuzzis aren’t safe for pregnant ladies. And wherever possible get a treatment or similar self-care gift for dad too. CBD bar soap is one gift that can turn a relaxing bath into a heavenly experience, for example. It’s not just mum who’s going to be stressed over the coming weeks!

2. A gorgeous new changing bag. Practical but pretty, a Babymel changing bag doesn’t necessarily look like a changing bag, it looks fashionable. Likewise, mum is probably keeping her pennies to spend on the little one so treat her to a leather changing bag, so she’s prepared in advance for baby’s arrival. To really show attention has been paid, pre-stock the bag with nappies, wipes and bottles.

3. A voucher for baby casts. Little hand and feet casts are an irreplaceable token of just how tiny baby is when she first arrives. Find a local company who make casts and buy a package deal that means mum and dad just supply the little hands and feet and the specialist does the rest. Where possible let the parents choose if they’re painted gold, silver of bronze and also what style of frame or mount.

4. A Personalised name picture. Obviously, this is a gift that can’t be bought in advance, instead create a voucher promising a special gift once baby’s arrived. Search online for an artisan creator and make the gift truly unique. It might even be worth having a sneaky view of the nursery before buying to ensure the colour scheme matches.

5. A slap up meal. Do not get between a heavily pregnant women and her food. Instead, book a table at her favourite restaurant and surprise her by taking her for a fully paid for leaving party. If there’s enough in the kitty treat her to luxury travel to and from the venue too, taking all of the stress out of the celebration. Because let’s face it, it’ll probably be a very long time before mummy’s out having a slap up meal again once the newbie’s arrived!

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