Travelling With Your Baby: Essential Tips For A Stress Free Journey

Posted on Oct 27 2015 - 1:22am by Charlie

It doesn’t matter if you are planning for a night away or a full blown family vacation. Travelling anywhere with your baby requires thorough planning. It can throw some daunting challenges at you. But with some simple organisation and planning beforehand, these can be avoided. Here are some essential tips on how to make any journey with your baby stress-free.

One thing we all like to feel when travelling is comfortable. Babies are no exception. Making your baby comfortable and relaxed should be a top priority. Any sign of stress and you could have a tantrum on your hands. Of course, a comfortable journey for your baby will start with getting them the right car seat – and you could check out this article by Joie Baby to see what options they have available. Make sure they are wearing something cool that allows them to move freely. Also, make sure you have a blanket to keep them warm if the temperature drops. Another thing to ensure they are comfortable is to check their seat belts are secure, but not too tight. If they feel comfortable, they should fall easily to sleep.


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If they are going to be sitting in a car seat by a window, it may be wise to buy a car seat canopy. These are brilliant for blocking out the sun to protect your baby’s eyes. Check out this list of car seat canopies that are available on the market now. Just ensure they don’t get too hot when the canopy is fully down.

Always ensure you have plenty of food and drinks to give to your baby. You can keep these in a cooler bag. If you are driving through remote areas, it will be harder to find places to accommodate your baby’s feeding times. If you can, try to create a route that includes petrol stations and supermarkets. It’s always a good idea to take extras of everything, just in case there are delays in your journey.

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Nappy changing stations are available on the majority of aeroplanes and at most service stations. As a precaution, why not buy a nappy changing mat? These are ideal if you need to change your baby in a hurry and can be used anywhere. They are lightweight and won’t take up too much room in your luggage. They are a must have accessory for every parent. Again always pack extras of everything. You can never have too many nappies or wipes.


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Keeping your baby entertained can be difficult, especially on long journeys. Try to find an interactive toy that your baby won’t bore of too quickly. Packing their favourite cuddly toy will also bring them some comfort when napping. Another option is to load your phone or iPad with plenty of videos and stories you can read, to keep your baby entertained. It’s a great of grabbing their attention and keeping them quiet for a while.

These are some simple ideas you can use to take the stress out of travelling with an infant. As every child is different, you will have to experiment with what technique works best for you. Keeping your baby happy while travelling can be done easily, once you make these tips work for you.

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