Ultra Modern Interiors with a Classic Feel

Posted on Oct 3 2016 - 9:52pm by Charlie

Being a purist is somewhat of a burden sometimes, whether you’re a purist in relation to music, arts or even something like interior design and fashion, but as much as it’s a burden, you don’t choose to be a purist and you simply can’t help it. You cannot help but hold on to that belief that certain things should be done a certain way and in the specific case of designing and decorating your interiors, purists tend to favour more of a classical style.


The problem facing every purist who favours more of a classic style, however, is the somewhat inevitable conflict that develops when you take into account contemporary and ultra-modern styling which is dominating the interior design showrooms at the moment. It may appear to be a bit counter-intuitive, but there’s this inexplicable meeting point between classic interior design styling and ultra-modern or contemporary. There’s also a very fine line between getting it right and getting it horribly wrong, but if you get it right your interior spaces will project an appearance that is both timeless and contemporary. To get the perfect balance, you may find it important to hire a professional like Helen Coulston who understands the complexities of this style. They will be able to guide you through the process and ensure that your interior design is both timeless and modern.

Try stamping your very own design-preference DNA all over your interior decor arrangements and it becomes even more of a challenging job. It’s definitely not impossible however and it’s actually as simple as applying just one trick — one trick which has everything to do with lighting. This can be achieved simply by looking up sample designs online for the kind of space you want and then ordering your desired pieces of furniture from various interior design shops online.

Contemporary Accents Meet Classic Focal Points

That elusive balance between ultra modern and classical interior styling is all about how your lighting and your accents interact with focal points such as the bigger furniture pieces you have. There are indeed some classically-styled furniture pieces and other interior decor items, but these can otherwise be hard to place in an ultra modern setting without having them look out of place. Cue the contemporary accents, such as contemporary table lamps for your classic-styled dining or living room table.

Other accents such as contemporary styled ornaments will do too, even for your classic-styled couches you can you can add contemporary styled pillows to strike that balance.

It isn’t all about just matching big classic-styled items with smaller ultra-modern styled accents however, but rather about how everything looks under lighting. This lighting includes the natural sun’s rays which hit your interiors as well as the lighting from artificial light sources such as your lamps. This is where contemporary lamps work best since they’re in a sense designed more for their looks than their functionality.

Position these ultra-modern lamps just right and the shadow they cast on items such as your furniture pieces will almost always ensure you achieve that classic interior design element which in no way looks out of place in the ultra-modern interior space it’s housed in. You could also have a total remodel of the lighting too – a good electrician can help you design, select and install a whole new set of fixtures to make the most of the room’s potential. If you’re in Virginia and are looking for something like this, you could try a service like Asbury Electric.

Finally, colour-matching is very important to top off this unlikely marriage between classic interior styling and a contemporary setting. The lamps you choose to go with your furniture pieces, for example, need to be of a similar colour to that of those furniture pieces. The only difference is the ultra-modern versus retro styling — both of which are brought together perfectly through their similar colour shemes.

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