Various Types of Wedding Flowers For The Big Day

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Flowers play a very important role in the decoration and the ambiance of a wedding ceremony. They add to the total beauty of the wedding day. In fact a wedding without flowers will not make a lot of sense to many people. Any bride loves to hold a bunch of wedding flowers, and would love to make her wedding memorable through the type of flowers she carries that special day in her life. She will choose flowers based on her taste and also her personality.

However the process of choosing the best wedding flowers for the ceremony is never easy. There is a need to choose flowers which will match the theme of the occasion as well as the style and colours of the bride. Colours also appear in different seasons of the year, and therefore understanding the flower will help in arranging for the wedding day. This is because there are different flowers for different seasons and months.

Any typical wedding party will require that the bride, the groom, the bridal parents as well as the bridal party have wedding flowers. They will need bouquets and the bride will require a special kind of bouquet. There are many different wedding bouquet ideas for brides to choose from depending on which best matches their venue and colour scheme. Flower girls too will need petals which they can toss around during the wedding day.

This therefore means that there are different types of wedding flowers that are used during the wedding ceremony. The flowers differ depending on the seasons, their different colours, what they mean in an occasion and their prices. You can have a look at some of the different types of wedding flowers at

The first type of flower is the Amaryllis flower. This is a very impressive flower that can best suit those brides who desire maximum impact on their wedding day. They provide a sense of pride and beauty. The flower has between two to five blossoms, in a trumpet like shape, and which open in succession at the top of its stalk. The stalk is usually extra-long and it is grown from a bulb. These types of flowers are not easily available, which makes them very expensive to get. They are found in different colours such as red, pale yellow, white, pink, pale green and salmon. They do not have any scent whatsoever, and they best suit the season in the months of November to April.

The second type of wedding flower is the Anemone Flower. It is common among the Greek people as it holds certain myths about their culture. The flower which is also known as the wind flower is jewel toned. It does not have any scent but has a vibrant magenta with red and purple hues, which is the reason why most people go after it. It requires very few blossoms to make a full bouquet with a blast of colours. The flower best suits the spring season in the months of November to may. It comes in several colours; white, purple, pink, magenta and burgundy

When looking out for a flower that will be perfect for fleshing out a best wedding bouquet, then consider the Bouvardia wedding flower. Its blossoms are in the shape of a star, and they are in small clusters that burst from a leafy stem which are however very delicate. The advantage of this flower is that it suits every season. They are available all year round. It comes in four different colours: red colour, pink, peach and white, and comes with a faint scent.

A calla lily is another type of wedding flower that is trumpet-shaped. They come in two types, one that can be used in presentation bouquets or tall arrangements, which has a large head and a long stem, and another one with a miniature version which is ideal for the boutonnières. These could be found in Vermont Flowers shop and a lot of other places. Its peak is between winter to the late spring season and it has a variety of colours such as orange, yellow, red, and ivory. It is unscented. It represents feminism, modesty, and magnificent beauty.

A Camella wedding flower represents a symbol of beauty and loveliness. This flower comes in four different pretty colours of white, red, pink, and cream and it is ideal in the late winter and early spring season. It has a mild, sweet scent and it provides a perfected loveliness and beauty.

The last wedding flower that can be highlighted here is the carnation wedding flower. This is a long lasting flower and has a lot of wedding possibilities. It has a ruffled head that offers the best way to bring colour and lushness to the bouquet. They are ideal for all seasons and have a spicy, clove like scent. They also appear in a variety of colours.

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