What to Wear When you’re Pregnant

Posted on Jun 25 2013 - 1:49pm by Charlie

No matter what your size or shape, you’ll want to feel amazing throughout your pregnancy. These tips will help you to make great clothes choices to keep you looking fashionable and feeling radiant!

what to wear

The Fit and Fabric

You need to find a good middle ground with the fit and the fabric your choose. You shouldn’t really be choosing clothes that cling to you too tightly, nor should you be choosing clothes that hang off you like a tent. You want to try and choose clothing that skims nicely over your body and nips in at the right places. Look for clothing with drawstrings and ruching in clever locations.

Fabrics should be soft and flowing. These will drape smoothly over your body and be nice and flattering. You should try silk jersey, silk with a hint of spandex, cotton and lightly knitted jumpers that hang nicely on your frame rather than clinging.

You can also try layering a few soft bits, such as a silk vest top with a waterfall cotton cardigan. Try a boot leg jean with this outfit for a polished look, but make sure they’ve got some stretch in them for a flattering silhouette.

Oh, and make sure you don’t forget your underwear! Your bra size can change as much as 4 times during your pregnancy so make sure you get fitted for some nice comfortable bras.

The Length

You want to choose dresses and skirts that finish just at the knee. If you choose anything longer than that you can appear shorter than you really are and a bit frumpy. Any higher up than the knee and you might be exposing a bit too much leg for pregnancy! With a knee length piece of clothing you’ll get a lengthening but elegant look. Really take note of this tip if you’re petite figured or plus size, as literally a few inches can drag you down.

Highlight Your Best Bits

When you’re pregnant you should highlight your best features to get the most out of an outfit. V necks and other tops that show off your decolletage, providing they’re not too low cut are good choices. They will draw attention up your body and make the eye focus on your neck, shoulders and face and create the illusion of a longer body.

You may have good legs and want to showcase them with a nice pair of jeans. Look for larger sizes on clothing shops such as Jean Machine, or simply have a search in Google Shopping.

Wrap style tops are great for curves and you can wear it all the way through your pregnancy by adjusting the wrap as you get bigger. This style top is also great for after the birth to hide any extra wobbly bits you have left over.

Remember to be wary of shoulder seams that fall too baggy on your shoulders. You want one that lines up closely with your shoulder for a more flattering look.

If a dress you have is too baggy or a shirt is too big, add a skinny waist belt. This will stop you from appearing even bigger than you are and show off your shape. You can fasten this underneath your bust for maximum comfort and style!




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