What’s Going To Make The Christmas Toy List Of 2013

Posted on Jun 30 2013 - 8:14pm by Charlie

If you like to plan ahead, nothing says “organised” like sorting out what to buy the kids for christmas. It might seem a bit early but time really flies, and you could find yourself doing some stressful last minute shopping.

To avoid any stressful shopping trips and to make sure you’re properly prepared, 247 Toys have shared with us what will make your kids christmas lists in 2013:

Nerf Rebelle Heartbreaker Bow

Nerf has this year produced some great alternative toys for girls, including crossbows that give a hunger games vibe, and toy guns. The heartbreaker bow will send a dart flying 75 feet and has a real bow-like action. For optional extras you can purchase the trendy accessory bag that will hold extra ammunition. It’s recommended your child is 8 years old or over to play with the heartbreaker bow.

Green Toys Tractor

This toy is perfect for kids aged 1 or older, and is a great environmentally friendly toy. Previous “green” toys they have created include a dump truck and a school bus, but they were overwhelmed with demands for a tractor. This toy is made totally out of recycled milk jugs so you know it’s great for the environment. It’s also rust proof and dishwasher safe perfect for after a day ploughing the fields.

Digital Dress Barbie

Barbie now comes with a touch activated dress with 114 LED lights. Now, changing her outfit is as simple as the touch of a button! You can change her dresses pattern to anything you like, hearts, fireworks, you can even design your own pattern for her to wear using the included stylus. Ages 6 and up.

BeginAgain Animal Parade Puzzle

BeginAgain has brought out another innovative creation after the release of it’s scented ice cream set went so well. This time it’s an animal parade puzzle that has 26 animals which connect to each other. A letter of the alphabet is represented by a different animal – great for a child who’s learning the alphabet!

Furreal Friends – Cuddles, My Giggle Monkey

Cuddles the monkey is an interactive play pet that comes with many fancy features your child will love. She’ll react to feeding, having her nappy changed, cuddles, tickles and swinging. The best thing about her is she reacts differently every time, and has over 100 different responses. When your child thinks it’s her bed time, they can simply rock her gently and she’ll close her eyes and go to sleep. Ages 4 and up.


This is a great present for children who have just learned to walk. Brilliant for childrens legs that can’t quite carry them for long enough yet! This is a smooth riding toy that allows your child to scoot around in every direction, and even comes with compartments for bottles and snacks. 18 months and up.

Play Doh Ice Cream Parlour

Everyone loves Playdoh and this set makes it just as much fun as it always has been! You get 5 cones, 2 dishes, two spoons and three cans of Playdoh for your child to make their ice cream creations.

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