Where To Visit In The Costa Del Sol For A Fun-Packed Family Holiday

Posted on Sep 17 2013 - 12:53pm by Charlie

The Costa del Sol is the perfect holiday destination for any family looking for a fun packed vacation in the sun! It can be hard to try and find a holiday destination that is suitable for the whole family; catering to a range of ages is no easy feat. If you visit somewhere like the Costa Del Sol then they’re used to dealing with families and people of all ages, so you can feel confident that everyone will have a great time.

Located in the southern region of Spain hot weather is guaranteed as this strip of land is bordering the Mediterranean Sea, near the most northern part of Africa. The waters are a stunning blue and the sand golden in colour making it a very beautiful destination!

Planning a family holiday can prove difficult which is why The Costa Del Sol is so popular for people looking for a fun packed family holiday as it has so many exciting and different things to do which will suit any age.  Apart from spending your time topping up your tan and enjoying the sun you can also take part in many sports and adrenaline fuelled activities. Which means that it doesn’t matter if you want a quiet break or an action packed adventure the Costa Del Sol can cater for all. There are also lots of family hotels in Costa del Sol, so finding suitable accommodation should be easy!

There are few places within the Costa del Sol that you should consider visiting if you have a family and the first one is Malaga.

Malaga has a wide and exciting variety of well known and local shops for you and your family to visit.  Located on the coast there is also lots of sea activities such as banana boats and water skiing. There are plenty of family bars and restaurants with plenty serving English food so that you can cater to your little ones eating habits if they don’t like the local cuisine.

Torremolinos is also another great resort perfect for the fun packed family holiday. This has recently had lots of renovations done and it is becoming much more popular. This the perfect place to go if beach holidays are your thing. With people of ways for families to spend their time here as well as a fun and vibrant nightlife there really is something for everyone.

Lastly Benalmadena should be your choice is buzzing nightlife and lots of activity is your thing. This is a resort that never sleeps and loves to party. Perfect for older families who want to have fun! The great thing about this resort is that during the day it is great for younger children and family but in the evening it turns to party central with loads of fun pubs, bars and restaurants to choose from – so you know that there is something for everyone!

Thankfully there are lots of places on Google for you to read up about the Costa Del Sol on, so you can easily do a little bit of research before you go and make sure that you book into the right resort for you and your family’s needs.


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