Who Do You Invite To a Wedding?

Posted on Oct 21 2014 - 2:55am by Charlie

When you are planning your wedding, there is so much to think about. For the bride, thinking about bouquets and dresses takes up most of their time. The groom is often worried about his choice of clothes and who he can trust to be the best man. To start the wedding planning process, you first need to decide who you wish to invite.

The number of people you can afford to invite depends on your total wedding budget. When you book a venue for the ceremony, they will let you know how many people they can cater for. This will be your limit for this part of the day, but remember that weddings are all-day events that fall into three parts:

  1. The bridal preparation

  2. The ceremony

  3. The reception

The bridal preparation is the first part of the day. Brides have their hair and make-up done first thing in the morning. They usually change into their wedding dress just before they leave for the ceremony. This part of the day can be both nerve-wracking as the bride and groom anticipate the ceremony. The bridesmaids and immediate family are usually present, and champagne is often included. The groom and his best man and family usually dress and calm their nerves away from the bride and her party. This is mainly due to superstition surrounding seeing the bride in her gown before the ceremony.

The ceremony is the legal part of you getting married. It also gives you both the chance to declare your love for each other in front of your friends and family. How many of your friends and family you send wedding invitations to will depend on the venue’s maximum capacity. Usually, those who witness your marriage are invited to the reception to celebrate it.

The reception is a big party celebrating you both as a married couple. This can vary in price based on your catering requirements. Sit-down meals with drinks included will cost around £45 to £70 per head, but buffets will cost much less. A bar may be available so guests can buy their own drinks. Your budget will dictate how many guests you can invite and how you will be able to cater for them. Wedding invites should state whether the guests are invited to just the reception or the ceremony as well.

3533795494_a2b1c16fc9_oThanks to Jonathan Day for the photo

If you want a dream wedding at a fancy venue plus a three-course meal reception, you may have to whittle your guest list down substantially. Being able to afford what you dream of may be difficult. You may have to find a financially healthy balance between the dream and the number you can realistically cater for. You will have to make some tough choices, or you could ask family to help you out as a wedding gift.

However your day turns out, and whomever you get to share it with, your wedding will be a once-in-a-lifetime event. The wedding you’ve always dreamed of may not come to fruition, but this one day is only the start of your lives as a happily married couple.

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