Why Relaxation is Key to Sleeping Better

Posted on Aug 6 2013 - 3:04pm by Charlie

Sleeping is a vital part of keeping you physically and mentally healthy. We all know how hard the day can be if you haven’t slept well, but for some, getting 40 winks can be a challenge. Often, people who struggle sleeping rely on substances such as cannabis to get them to drift off and fully relax. Nowadays you can get many different flavours and formulas, such as a hawaiian punch strain and many more. These substances help to fully relax your mind and help people to switch off.

There are many ways to improve the quality of your sleep, like going to bed earlier, using medications, using relaxants like cbd bath soak, and cutting out caffeine before bed. But one vital part is ensuring that you spend some portion of your waking life learning how to relax. Tension and stress can lead to anxiety, stomach problems and even heart conditions, so as well as helping you sleep, you can rest assured your health and well-being will improve. Here are some great ways to help you relax and have a good night’s sleep, provided by the guys at www.essayjedi.com.



Possibly not the most popular suggestion on the list, though even gentle forms of exercise can help you use some of that excess energy and loosen your muscles. The endorphins that are released when you exercise give you that warm, happy feeling, which helps you to relax all over and sleep with a smile. Try a few sit-ups or a brisk walk around the park to unwind and sleep better.


Our bodies run on easy-to-tune clocks, but sometimes our daily activities can throw off our sleep pattern. Making sure you eat, work and play in a regular rhythm, with regular times, can help your body recognise when it is time to sleep, so when it comes to bedtime, you naturally start to feel tired. Try to make sure you wake up and go to sleep at roughly the same time every day and your body will fall into a regular pattern of being wide awake and ready for bed.


Massage is one of the easiest ways to smooth out the knots in your muscles, relieving tension and smoothing out the aches and pains that stress brings. For added relaxing benefits, try using aromatherapy massage oils, with scents such as lavender or camomile, to help soothe your senses to sleep.


One of the easiest ways to exercise, tone your muscles and relax your body, yoga combines stretching, breathing exercises and meditation to bring you peace of body and mind. You can purchase some loungewear to wear while doing this light form of exercise to really feel chilled out and ready for bed. You can even find twin sets for you and your yoga partner to wear together – how cute. Have a look for local yoga groups to help you practise and learn how best to stretch.


Think less of counting sheep and more of painting a picture of a beautiful, tranquil landscape. Picturing something calm and beautiful can help you relax your mind and is a good way to relieve stress at any time of the day or to help lull you into a gentle slumber.

A nice hot soak

A hot bath at the end of a long day is one of the best ways to relieve tension and help you unwind. Try using relaxing bath salts, highly scented candles and even calm music to help enhance the atmosphere and soak yourself sleepy.

Pamper session

Taking a little time out to feel good about yourself can go a long way. Try out a face mask or a beauty treatment. Men might like to practice a luxurious shaving ritual like the guys at Get Shave Advice suggest to unwind.

Caffeine-free tea

Herbal teas can be a great relaxant, helping to relieve stomach and digestion problems as well as hydrating your body. Swap your regular soft drink or caffeinated beverage for a camomile, ginger or fruit tea and enjoy a warm and delicious road to relaxation

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