Wraps Expertly Designed For Your New XL

Posted on Nov 28 2016 - 10:29pm by Charlie

For most of us, our phones function as many things: address books, calendars, clocks, handheld computers, matchmakers, research assistants, maps, and notepads. They help us keep track of new people we meet, our appointments with the optometrist, and emails from our bosses. Our phones help us find the best route to that new restaurant we’ve been wanting to try out. They’re concierges that can help us find the best place in a new town to start our shopping trip. And our phones are also blank canvases where we can express our personal sense of aesthetics.


The surface of a phone might initially appear to be a rather mundane thing. After all, most cell phones today come in bland colors like silver or black. Google’s new phones the Google Pixel and Pixel XL have the added option of blue, but three colors isn’t much variety. Luckily, the surface of a cell phone can be transformed into a canvas when youdesign several Google Pixel XL phone wraps for the front and back of your phone. Wraps come in a wide variety of finishes, colors, and textures giving you many choices with regard to how to customize the look of your phone. Prospective wrap shoppers can check out social media platforms like Instagram to get a sense of what the trends in Pixel skin and wrap design before heading over to a reputable digital wrap vendor to make their selection.

When choosing your ideal wrap, it’s important to find a vendor that designs skins tailor made for your specific model. Google’s Android comes in two different sizes, the Pixel at 5.0 inches and the Pixel XL at 5.5. The wrap has to be adjusted according to the slight difference between these two droids to ensure the closest fit. If a vendor doesn’t take care when measuring or cutting their Pixel XL sins, the end result won’t cover the phone properly. Wraps have the ability to match the XL down to the micro-millimeter, so don’t settle for anything less.

The Google Pixel XL has many features that make it a great step up from the Nexus phones that preceded it. The XL is being hailed a “mobile photography powerhouse.” Combined with the Google UI supporting unlimited Google Photos cloud storage, it’s just one of the many ways the latest droid is making waves in the tech world. And once you wrap it up in a customized skin, your personal XL will be making its own waves in every room you enter.

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