How to make your children happy – Shakuntali Siberia reveals the secrets

Posted on Feb 24 2021 - 6:04pm by Rena

You can care today for your child to be happy and healthy in the future.
Planning to become parents we want to be the best parents in the world. We want our child to be the happiest and the healthiest person. We want him/her to avoid the cruelty and evil of this world. We are doubting whether discipline and total control or love and trust are most important. Our hesitations are justified. Shakuntali Siberia can comfort us in all our doubts.

All we need is love

The power of love is incredible. As a parent or a future parent, it would be great for you to remember one thing. This thing is maybe the most important in the whole parenthood. You must give your complete and unconditional love to your children. The more love a child receives, the happier, healthier and prosperous he/she will be in the future. Your child will be covered with love like with the best shelter in the world for the rest of his/her life. A child does not need expensive gadgets, clothes and prestigious schools as long as there is love at home.

A pure miracle love creates

A woman in despair came once to Shakuntali Siberia, the Enlightened Woman. A lot of people come to Shakuntali Siberia because she is the one who saves the hearts and souls and fills up the people with the Energy of life for they will be happy and healthy. Shakuntali Siberia is the reincarnation of the Ukok princess, the temple priestess. She possesses clairvoyance, the energy of the goddess, the talent of the instant opening of predestination, spiritual growth and healing abilities.

That woman said that her son had got caught up in a motorcycle accident and was now lying in a coma having very low prospects for living. Shakuntali Siberia immediately recommended gathering their loved ones in common prayer to send powerful energy to him.

The family gathered together for common prayer and energy practice. At the same time, Shakuntali Siberia united her students from different corners of the world to join the prayer. Thousands of people were together as one to save one person!

After the prayer, a true miracle happened. The same night the young man came out of his coma. The doctors were shocked because his condition had not left any hope. But it was only beginning. His bones miraculously began to heal, the nerve sensitivity restored and now he is a completely healthy man living a full life.

Is this a miracle? Love creates this miracle. The love of the parents is very powerful but when it redoubles by a lot of people it can create true miracles.

The more we give the more we get

Yes, it’s true. So if your child needs help and support, just help others. It will be the first step, and the results will not be long to wait.
If you help people regularly and selflessly, be sure that you will attain a powerful guardian angel.

You may just help the strangers on the streets or your neighbors, but you also may choose another way. During her seminars, Shakuntali Siberia gathers her students for the circular prayer. Special music plays, all the students are sitting in a circle with one student who needs help sitting in the middle. This is how the magic of healing begins… The students ask the power from the Higher Powers, imagine those who need help and support.

It only takes 5 minutes, but the results are always astonishing. The power of the common prayer is underestimated.

Preparing for your child to be born

In the intention of making your child happy and healthy, it is essential to begin preparing long before he/she is born. Many cultures and religions describe such preparation in their traditions.
Be sure that you got the blessing from your lineage to start a family.
It would be great to undergo through Shakuntali Siberia’s individual session with diagnostics of the possible linage problems.

It is also very desirable for a woman to prepare her body for pregnancy. It is not only about medical procedures and vitamins taking but also about undergoing the energy purification that Shakuntalu Siberia holds during her individual sessions.

Natural birth is preferable if it is possible for medical reasons, of course.
It is also better to avoid contacts of your child with strangers for the first 2 months. Strangers may pass the negative energy to the child, even not wishing any harm.

Be very attentive in choosing your child’s name. The name has great power and may transmit good energy as well as negative energy. Therefore, it is important not to give rare names such as celebrities’ names as well as the name of somebody from your linage.

Raising your child is easy with Shakuntali Siberia tips

It is considered that it is easy with children when they are babies. When we come to the teenage age, we all want to stay good friends with our children. How to achieve that?
Shakuntali Siberia says that the important ages for each person are 7. 14 and 21 years old. It is very important to adjust the upbringing to what our child needs at the exact age. But there are more or less common rules that will protect you from the typical mistakes almost every parent does.
Respect your child as a personality at any age.

Discipline your child not for the sake of your ego but in order to train his/her will. This will primarily help him/her in their future life. Show your children how well you can keep your own words and promises.
Introduce healthy food and a healthy lifestyle to your child to create healthy habits for a lifetime.

Find the people you trust completely for they could become a worthy example for your child. The precious knowledge from outside of your family could become very good for the upbringing.
All this will help you to raise a happy, very self-sufficient person who will always be happy. Visit Shakuntali’s Siberia site for more information about the seminars and individual sessions and be ready for your little miracle to come in this world.