3 Ways To Support Your Adult Child Who’s Going Through A Divorce

Posted on Feb 21 2019 - 7:34pm by Charlie

Divorce is a hard situation for anyone to be in. And while you might empathize with your friends who’ve gone through this, things can get a little more emotional if the person going through the divorce is your own child. Whether they’ve just recently gotten married or have been married for decades, divorce can be very challenging to go through. At this trying time, your child’s going to need your support more than ever. To show you how you can best be there during this time, here are three ways you can support your adult child who’s going through a divorce.

Immediately Accept Their Decision

While you might just be hearing the news about your child’s divorce, this decision has likely been a long time in the making. So although you may be feeling shocked and might want to know the details in order to see if there’s anyway to salvage things, Susan Adcox, a contributor to LiveAbout.com, recommends that you suspend these reactions and simply accept their decision as soon as you’re informed. By letting your child know that you’re there in case they need anything and that you’re prepared to be their biggest advocate, this can go a long way toward helping your child through this tough time.

Don’t Be Your Child’s Therapist

Although you might want to do everything you possibly can to help and support your child at this time, there are certain things that you as the parent shouldn’t necessarily take part in. While it’s fine to be an ear for your child to speak to and air some of their stress, Linda Lewis Griffith, a contributor to the San Luis Obispo Tribune, shares that you shouldn’t serve as your child’s therapist. If your child begins asking you for too much advice or sharing facts or details that you think are too personal, try to encourage him or her to speak to a licensed therapist so that they advice given is reliable and professional.

Help Keep Routines For Your Grandchildren

If you have grandchildren that are going to be affected by this divorce, you can play a big role in helping them through the divorce of the parents. Especially if you have a good relationship with your grandchildren and live close by, Leslie Mann, a contributor to The Chicago Tribune, suggests that you help your child keep as close to a normal routine as possible for the kids. They might need more of your help as they’re transitioning, so try to do your best to be there when your child needs an extra set of hands.

If you have an adult child who’s going through a divorce, consider using the tips mentioned above to help support them through this trial.