How To Get Your Body Back: Tips and Tricks For Achieving a Pre-Pregnancy Figure

Posted on Dec 6 2014 - 12:17am by Charlie

It’s so damaging for women, seeing celebrities three weeks after giving birth looking much the same as they did ten months ago. How is that fair? While our tummies are wobbling around and our boobs are three sizes bigger (at least!) than they ever were before, these effortlessly elegant women are parading around in body-con dresses. Of course, they can afford nannies and personal trainers, dietitians and chefs to achieve quick results. We can accept that. Besides, for the first few months we’d just quite like to enjoy our babies thank you very much. But what about when you’re ready to stop being a new mum and go back to being you? Here’re our top tips and tricks for reclaiming your pre-pregnancy figure.

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Contrary to what our mothers were told, pregnancy is not an excuse to eat for two. In fact, your baby only needs an extra three hundred calories a day throughout the majority of your pregnancy. As much as those hormonal surges might be pushing you towards the ice cream, try to be as restrained as you normally would. Obviously, you are going to put on weight during pregnancy, your body will change. Limiting the amount of pounds we pile on now not only makes our baby healthier and childbirth easier, it also makes getting back into those skinny jeans more realistic. Exercising during pregnancy is also important. It not only keeps our bodies and our babies healthy, but it also maintains muscle tone. This means you look a little less flabby and helps you to burn more calories once the baby is born.


Now you really are eating for two! Your calorie requirements are much higher when you’re breastfeeding than when you’re pregnant, so this is a great way to lose those extra pounds. It also saves money on expensive formulas as well, bonus!

Working Hard

There is no way around it, sooner or later you will have to hit the gym. Even if you have lost all the extra weight by this point, chances are you will still need to firm up if you want to see that pre-baby body again. Light aerobic exercise combined with weight training to target problem areas like the tummy and thighs will help you firm up and lose inches.

Faking It

Of course, if you have the resources, there is no harm in cutting a few corners. Many cosmetics clinics offer services including a mommy makeover, a package targeted at new mums. These can include anything from holistic treatments to firm the skin to invasive procedures such as tummy tucks and breast augmentation. Of course, with the more expensive options, it can often pay to wait until you’ve had all your babies before you make this kind of investment.

It is important not to focus on the numbers on the scale. The reality is, your body may never go back exactly to how it was. Many women find their hips are wider and their boobs are bigger once they’ve had a baby. This is all perfectly normal. The trick is to get to the point where you are as comfortable in your post baby body as you were in your pre-baby body, by using whatever method is right for you.

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